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Okuma Fishing has a great selection of fishing rods for the family and feature Day 3 of our Holiday Gift Guide. Every angler loves getting a new fishing rod, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or special occasion. Truth be told, we love getting anything fishing! If you’re one of those families who fishes together, then Okuma offers a great selection of fishing rods for the entire family!Fishing rods can easily break the bank and make you need to take out a second mortgage on your home. One of the great things we love about Okuma Fishing rods is that you can get a high quality fishing rod and not have to reach too deep into your wallet. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing offshore, inshore, and hitting up your favorite lake, Okuma has the fishing rods to suit your needs. Check out this great selection of fishing rods and gift ideas from our friends at Okuma Fishing.


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Constructed from the finest ultra-responsive 40-ton carbon fiber blanks, Helios mini guide rods unleash incredible sensitivity and power from completed rods that begin at just 3.6-ounces of total weight.  Zero foregrip, custom machined aluminum reel threads with Fuji hood, sculpted EVA grips and the ALPS mini guide system complete these premier performers. On the water, it’s the balance, refined actions that you’ll love. The included Fuji moveable hook keeper allows for placement best suited to the technique and bait being fished. MSRP: $169.99-$179.99

Helios Casting Rods

  • 40- Ton carbon, ultra sensitive blank construction
  • Rods starting in the 3.6 oz range
  • Designed with ALPS Mini Guide System
  • Ultra hard Zirconium inserts for braided line
  • Zero foregrip design for improved balance and weight reduction
  • Machined aluminum reel seat thread with Fuji hood
  • Durable, lightweight Pac Bay MINIMA reel seat and trigger
  • Split grip butt design for reduced weight and improved balance
  • Comfortable EVA rear grips
  • Fuji moveable hook keeper for precise keeper placement
  • Helios rods are backed by a limited lifetime warranty
Helios Spinning Rods Feature
  • 40-Ton carbon, ultra-sensitive blank construction
  • Rods starting at 3.8 oz. range
  • Fuji’s KR “Rapid Choke” guides. (Micro guides for spinning)
  • Fuji’s KR frames feature a tangle free sloped ring design
  • Alconite guide inserts: Fuji’s lightest insert, perfect for braided line
  • Custom light weight skeleton reel seat with Fuji hoods
  • Zero fore grip design for increased sensitivity and reduced weight
  • EVA Split grip butt design for reduced weight and improved balance
  • Fuji’s EZ moveable hook keeper for precise keeper placement
  • Helios spinning rods are backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Shadow Stalker Gulf Coast Series

In the warmer waters of the Gulf Coast, about every fish that swims is pound-for-pound more powerful, and simply just meaner, than those that reside in cooler water environments found in the rest of the United States. Standard rod designs may be outstanding in many regions, only to be left in a pile of rubble by an angry redfish or marauding jack. Okuma Shadow Stalker Gulf Coast rods deliver the action and sensitivity required in the fishery, along with OC-9 carbon reinforcement for amazing strength. MSRP: $79.99-$119.99

  •  Lightweight, sensitive 24-Ton carbon graphite rod blanks
  • OC-9 carbon outer wrap: Stripper guide to butt. Improves hoop strength
  • Fuji hardened aluminum oxide guides for trusted reliability
  • EVA and compresses cork fore grip for reduced weight and feel
  • EVA and compressed cork split grip reduces weight and improves balance
  • FG models feature a full EVA and compressed cork butt section
  • Custom carbon C-40X spinning and casting skeleton reel seats
  • 701H-FG features a Fuji pipe reel seat
  • All Shadow Stalker inshore rods are 1-pcs blank construction
  • Stainless steel hook keepers on all models
  • Shadow Stalker rods are backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Cedros Jigging

Cedros Speed Jig rods amplify your success within every aspect of rod performance. At the top of the list is rod action. Designed for specific jig weights, Cedros Speed Jig rods extract maximum attraction from jigs at every point in the presentation. Upon the strike, E-glass banks absorb the shock produced by low-stretch braided lines while reserving the necessary power to bear down on large fish. Comfort throughout is provided by lightweight split grips that do not chaff the body when jigging and are highly agile through the fight. Providing total security are ALPS pyramid shaped machined aluminum reel seats and ALPS high-rise 316 stainless steel guide frames with Zirconium inserts. Take hold of the ribbed EVA fore grip, release the jig from the included jig cincher and introduce yourself to your new favorite rod. MSRP: $114.99-$144.99

Cedros Speed Jig rods feature

  • E-glass blank offers incredible pulling power
  • Glass blanks offers shock reduction when using braided line
  • Zirconium guide inserts reduce friction from braided lines
  • ALPS high-rise 316 stainless steel guide frames
  • High-rise frames keep the line off the blank & foregrip
  • ALPS pyramid shaped 2-tone anodized aluminum reel seat
  • Pyramid reel seat is more ergonomic & offers more control
  • Ribbed EVA foregrip improved grip and rod control
  • Split butt rear grip increases rod control & improved technique
  • Jig Clincher: Secures the jig from swinging while running
  • Machined aluminum gimbal on 561XXH and 601XH models
  • Cedros jigging rods are backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • A= Spilt EVA butt section
  • B= Split butt with blue aluminum gimbal
  • C= Graphite butt section with blue aluminum gimba
  • D= Full Hypalon butt section with ALPS reel seat


Many in the recreational fishing community are not interested in chasing the latest cutting-edge advancements in fishing rod construction. These anglers simply want great performance from proven materials, and access to them at prices that represent an exceptional value for their dollar. If this is you, Tarvos are your rods, as perhaps the best fishing rods ever constructed for their price. Tarvos rods begin with durable medium/medium-fast graphite composite blanks that are exceptionally lightweight.  Stainless steel guide frames with titanium-oxide inserts add to the quality, and split grip EVA foam handles with a non-slip composite cork butt cap complete these beautiful rods. MSRP: $42.99

Tarvos rods feature

  • Graphite composite rod blank construction
  • Stainless steel guide frames
  • Titanium oxide guide inserts
  • Stainless steel hooded reel seat
  • Split grip butt design
  • Comfortable EVA fore and rear grips
  • Stainless steel hook keeper
  • 1-year limited warranty



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