Fishing Pliers and Fish Grips

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Fishing pliers and fishing grips are truly essentials that every kayak and SUP angler need. Hook lodged in a fish’s lip? You’re going to need some pliers. Need an easy way to land a toothy fish? Fish grips can help save those digits from a nasty bite. Check out these great gift ideas on fishing pliers and fish grips.

There are a ton of fishing pliers out on the market, some of them are reasonably priced and some feel like you’ve taken out a second mortgage. The same can be said about fish grips, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are a lot of options out there to get your loved one a new set of pliers or fish grips.


fishing pliers


Tsunami Ultra-Strong Aluminum Pliers are built to be a fisherman’s best friend. Aircraft grade ultra-light aluminum which has been heavily anodized for greater corrosion resistance makes this tool the perfect combo of light weight and durability. Replaceable tungsten-carbide cutters mean these pliers are a “must have” for any situation. The handy coiled tether and clasp mean they will always be handy when the going gets tough, which is more then you can say about some of your fishing buddies.

  • 6.5″ plier
  • Replaceable Titanium coated Tungsten-Carbide center cutters
  • Spring loaded belt loop clasp
  • Aircraft grade anodized aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic woven nylon belt holster
  • MSRP: $24.99

Redbone Performance

Redbone Performance isn’t just only about fishing rods anymore. Tackle bags, fishing pliers, fish grips are all new products to an already impressive line of fishing products.

7″ Performance Aluminum Pliers

fishing pliers

  • Machine cut solid anodized aluminum construction
  • Internal spring for precision gripping
  • Tungsten carbide cutters
  • Coated carbon steel inserts
  • Denier sheath and coil lanyard with anodized aluminum carabiner
  • MSRP: $37.99

Performance Fish Grip with Scale

fishing pliers

  • Anodized aluminum alloy frame
  • Swiveling handle & stainless steel spring
  • 28 pound internal hand scale
  • Rubberized sure-grip handle for comfort Sheath with belt attachment
  • MSRP: $49.99

Cuda Brand

Cuda has launched one of the most comprehensive lines of fishing tools. The tools are created with a breakthrough design that allows the angler to actually see that the knife has a full tang construction. In addition, Cuda brand tools utilize Acme’s patented Titanium Bonded Passivation technology and German 4116 steel for unsurpassed corrosion resistance. Cuda uses only the best in materials including Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, German Stainless Steel and Tungsten Carbide, guaranteeing the ultimate in performance. In fact, Cuda guarantees all of its tools with a lifetime warranty!

Cuda 7.5″ Titanium Bonded Plier

Cuda pliers

These 7.5″ Cuda pliers feature Tungsten Carbide Mono and Braid cutting blades and Titanium Bonded jaws. With Aluminum Alloy construction and non-slip Cuda pattern handle grips. The durable full tang construction is visible through the handle design. A ballistic nylon sheath for storage and a convenient lanyard are both included.

  • Titanium Bonded & Lifetime Warranty
  • Tungsten Carbide integrated wire and mono cutters
  • Aluminum Alloy construction
  • Visible full-tang construction with non-slip Cuda scale pattern grips
  • Includes ballistic nylon sheath and convenient lanyard
  • MSRP: $45.99

Cuda Grip & Scale – Fish Scale


The Cuda 11.5″ Grip & Scale will grab and weigh fish up to 50 lbs. The tool features Aluminum Alloy structure and a non-slip, Cuda scale pattern grip. Includes a convenient lanyard.

  • Aluminum Alloy structure
  • Integrated 50 lb scale
  • Non-slip cuda scale pattern grip
  • Visible full-tang construction
  • Includes convenient lanyard & Lifetime Warranty
  • MSRP:$54.00

Adventure Products

At Adventure Products, every product we design and manufacture must pass the ultimate test of truth–Does it deliver real value in terms of design, functionality and quality to the market segment for which it was developed? Designing superior product solutions that elevate the standard of living and enhance our customers’ outdoor experience motivates us to continually push the innovation frontier.

Mini Gripper Tool

fishing pliers


We first checked out the Mini Gripper Tool at iCast earlier this year, and we were impressed. Small and compact, but built to last, with a price tag to make any angler happy!

  • Aluminum body and jaw trigger
  • Ergonomic foam grip
  • Extra wide jaw opening
  • Comfortable palm design
  • Compact & lightweight
  • MSRP: $17.99

EGO Ultra-grip Tool — 25lbs

fishing pliers


The EGO Ultra-Grip Tool gives the angler the ability to not only safely grip their catch, but also grab a quick weight up to 25lbs.

  • Stainless steel jaws
  • Built-in weigh scale (up to 25 lbs)
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Quick trigger action
  • MSRP: $69.99


For outdoorsmen who want access to their electronics and tools while keeping them secure, T-REIGN’s line of retractable gear tethers and cases offers a means to keep important items at hand while avoiding drops, loss or breakage. Instead of having necessities buried in a backpack or at the bottom of a lake, T-REIGN’s retractable products secure your gear.

ProSheath Fishing Pliers and Sheath Combo

fishing pliers

T-REIGN’s ProSheath Combo is comprised of 7.5” aluminum pliers and a sheath. Unlike other holders, ProSheath has an internal, retractable tether attached to the pliers, preventing drops or loss. The ProSheath ensures your fishing pliers are protected, secure and conveniently at your side.

  • Heavy-duty, thermoformed sheath covered in 600 denier nylon with 36″ Kevlar® self-retracting tether reel
  • Two belt attachment options: stainless steel belt clip (up to 1.5″ belt) and two fixed loop straps (2.5″ wide)
  • Pliers: aluminum body with replaceable tungsten carbide cutters to easily cut braided wire and mono line
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel jaws featuring split ring opener and crimps
  • 5-year service policy for pliers; lifetime service policy for sheath
  • MSRP: $79.95

Boga Grip

fishing pliers

Boga-Grip is made in America of U.S.-made materials. This quality tool is made of stainless steel and high-performance black acetal thermoplastic. These tough and resilient materials makes Boga-Grip very strong and resistant to conditions encountered while fishing in fresh or saltwater. Boga-Grip has four key functions that work together:

  • Weight of the fish causes the prongs to shut even tighter.
  • Locking mechanism keeps prongs in tightest position
  • Swivel motion eliminates torque from a spinning fish.
  • Shock absorber dampens a fish’s attempt to get free.
  • MSRP: (30lb model) $124.95

Fish Grip

The Fish Grip is a fish landing device that was developed by an avid angler. He was trying to find a way to land a fish that is safer for the fish and the fisherman/women. It has taken 16 years and 4 different models to get “The Fish Grip” to where we have it today. Ask just about any kayak angler if they know what the Fish Grip is, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one who doesn’t.

fishing pliers

  • Over-Center Locking
  • Unique Heartflex Jaw Design
  • Durable Plastic & Metal Construction
  • Weight Scale Slot
  • High Visibility
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Floats
  • MSRP: $14.95



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