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Fishing line was in abundance at this year’s ICAST show, including new and updated braided and mono fishing line. Here’s an in-depth preview of what we checked out and learned about new fishing line and some great gift accessories from ICAST 2016.

Fishing Line

Fishing line is an important part of our arsenal. Some of us prefer braided fishing line, while some of us prefer a monofilament fishing line. Regardless of the type of fishing we prefer, there was plenty choices for all of us at this year’s ICAST show.


fishing line

What started in California as part of a technologically advanced research project having nothing to do with fishing has become the cutting-edge fishing line of choice for aggressive anglers who demand the highest quality and performance. With superline, fluorocarbon and monofilament lines to match your toughest demands, Spiderwire isn’t just a leader in the premium fishing line category – it’s in a category all by itself. Spiderwire takes you where the fish are and makes sure you bring them home.

Stealth Smooth Braid

fishing line

SpiderWire Stealth Smooth is an eight-carrier braid. The consistent, tight weave of SpiderWire Stealth Smooth is due to its high, tight-weave pick count. Eight carriers and high pick count gives the line a smoothness needed to whip through guides and make longer, more controlled casts. After being woven, SpiderWire Stealth Smooth is coated with a thin layer of a highly durable microcrystalline polymer for a colorfast and thin diameter line that is easy to tie, and cinches down on most knots effortlessly. Offered in a wide size range of 6- to 80-pound test, SpiderWire Stealth Smooth is capable of handling any species, and will be available early 2017. MSRP for SpiderWire Stealth Smooth starts at $13.99.

Stealth Translucent

fishing line

The new Stealth Translucent is a highly visible white braid made from Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber. New Stealth Translucent is a highly visible white braid above the surface. Below the surface a gel coat finish gives the line a semi-transparent, less visible appearance. New translucent Stealth comes in spools of 125, 200, 300, 500, 1500 and 3000 yards. It is available in 6- to 100-pound test and has an MSRP of $17.99 to $389.99 depending on spool size.


fishing line

The complete line of Stren products includes superlines, fluorocarbon lines and monofilament lines to fit any fishing application and need. Anglers know all about Stren’s knot strength, abrasion resistance, tensile and shock strength. Amateurs and pros alike count on Stren to present the right type of visibility to the conditions, whether it’s line-shy fish or low-light conditions. Factors like line stretch and limpness can make or break your day, which is why Stren line maximizes each for the type of fishing you’re doing.

Max Cast

fishing line


New and current superline users alike will love the casting power and high sensitivity of Stren® Max Cast. With the body similar to a monofilament and the strength and thinness of a superline, it performs like no other. When letting substantial amounts of line off the reel for applications like distance casting or deep-water fishing, this low-stretch superline lets anglers feel every bite. But sensitivity isn’t everything when a tough line is needed. Stren has also made this thermally fused superline extremely abrasion resistant. Stren’s proprietary fusing process creates a smooth line that shoots off the guides with ease. Given its monofilament-type properties, Stren Max Cast is also ideal for spinning reel use. The low-vis green line has an MSRP of $9.99 for a 150-yard spool and comes in 6- to 50-pound tests.

Berkley Fireline

fishing line

The Berkley story is deeply rooted in the idea of the American Dream. It is about humble beginnings and unexpected success. It’s about hard work, struggle, and tough times. And it’s about building partnerships to accomplish goals. Still, the story of Berkley is much more than the story of Berkley Bedell. It’s also the story of dedicated co-workers and loyal customers, who were equally willing to take risks.

Fireline Metered

fishing line

Berkley now introduces the next evolution of FireLine Fused original with the new metered color line. The metered line, with 10-foot intervals, gives anglers a great option when vertical jigging or trolling. Blue, yellow, red, green and orange coloring highlight the line that makes it easier for anglers to find and stay on the bite. Fireline, made with Dyneema®, is the strongest, most abrasion-resistant superline. The line is highly sensitive and produces longer casts. The uses are endless for this thermally fused braid that allows anglers to be more consistent with their presentations. FireLine Fused Original metered shines in situations where repeatability is the difference between going home happy or returning empty handed. Available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 14- and 20-pound test in 300-yard filler spools, FireLine Fused Original metered has an MSRP of $17.95.


fishing line

In 1966, Mr. Ishii, a Chemical Engineer employed in the researcher division of Kureha, Japan, and Mr. Yoshida, and avid angler working in the Patent Department of Kureha, Japan, noticed that the attributes of Fluorocarbon were ideally suited to fishing line. The men saw that Fluorocarbon is less absorbant than nylon monofilament, impervious to UV rays, high-density and nearly invisible underwater. They knew early on…Fluorocarbon would revolutionize fishing line! And so the two men applied for a patent, which was granted and registered in 1969.

Rippin Monofilament

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Seaguar’s new Rippin’ Monofilament is a thin-diameter, premium monofilament that packs a wallop with exceptional knot and tensile strength; yet, it’s soft and supple with very low memory to cast like a bullet. Low stretch properties enable surer hook-sets and this line’s UV protection extends its high-performance qualities. Available in 4 to 20 lb test in 200 yd spools, Rippin’ also features Level Wind Technology™, a Seaguar® exclusive. This process spools the line by laying it down side by side, never crossing itself. The final spool is as smooth as a spool of thread, with no cross contact marks, for maximum line strength without any line overstress or twist. Rippin’ ships to retail stores in the fall of 2016.

Finesse Fluorocarbon

fishing line

Seaguar Finesse Fluorocarbon is made using an exclusive double-structure process that combines two custom Seaguar fluorocarbon resins to create a line with smaller diameters and exceptional knot and tensile strength. It’s soft and supple with low memory, making it a great choice for finesse applications. It’s available on 150 yd. spools and formulated in four sizes for finesse presentations including 5.2 lb., 6.2 lb. 7.3 lb and 8.4 lb and ships to retail stores in the fall of 2016.

Cal Coast Fishing

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Cal Coast Fishing is a company that specializes in producing practical products for the fishing industry. All of our products have been designed by fishermen for fishermen to deliver simple solutions to problems that we all encounter everyday out on the water. Our goal at Cal Coast Fishing is to provide quality, easy to use products that enhance the fishing experience for anglers of all levels.

Tournament Bait Sack

fishing line

The Bait Sack is the fastest, easiest, and most secure lure protector on the planet. Just squeeze with one hand to open, drop the lure in, place the line under the line keeper, and clip onto your rod. It’s that simple! No more Velcro, tangled lures, or damage to your gear, and no hooks in yourself or your carpet.  The Bait Sack is great for all anglers whether on a boat, kayak, float tube or on shore. MSRP: $9.99




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