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I was asked recently to take a look at the Fish Stix paddle from Adventure Technology (AT), test it and provide a review.  I was interested to test it out, especially as it is a bent shaft paddle and I’ve always used straight shaft paddles.  There’s not really a reason why I’ve always used straight shaft all the time.  I’ve always had the misconception that if I stand and pole around a lot using my paddle, then straight shaft would be better.  Again, simple a misconception that has now been changed. I’ve used the paddle on a few trips on the water, and I’ve been pleasantly pleased with the ability of the paddle.

The Fish Stix Exodus paddle that I received was automatically pleasing to the eye from an aesthetic standpoint.  It came in a green camo, and had a picture of a fish on it.  Most anglers will agree that a fish sticker always makes something better and much more desirable.  The bent shaft was a little different, and I immediately noticed out of the box that the paddle seemed a little top heavy, and I wondered how much of an issue that would have while on the water.  The weight of the paddle was good, and at only 30oz. I knew it would be comfortable for an all day trip with lots of paddling around and exploring.  The AT Fish Stix also comes in 4 different size lengths: 210cm, 220cm, 230cm, and 240cm.  I chose the 240cm paddle to review as I use the Old Town Predator MX kayak predominantly, and the beam on this kayak is 34″.  I’ve always preferred a longer paddle regardless as I feel I can get a stronger paddle stroke, and as mentioned before I like to stand and pole around the flats using my paddle.


AT Fish Stix paddle paired with the Predator MX from Old Town Kayaks

While on the water and paddling around, my earlier thoughts on the paddle seeming a bit top heavy were quickly dispelled.  The paddle does seem to have a little bit of a roll when simply holding it in your hand, but I found it to be an added bonus when paddling.  The top of the paddle blade rolls toward you, but that simply aids in the blade entry into the water.  The bent shaft fits very well in your hand, and the curvature of the shaft gives a very relaxed feel to handling the paddle making for easy and smooth paddle strokes.  Another misconception of the bent shaft versus the straight shaft while standing and poling around was also quickly alleviated.  I honestly didn’t notice any difference at all in the ability of the bent shaft.  240cm is simply 240cm whether it’s straight or bent.  Another feature I found very appealing with the Fish Stix was the ability for easily adjusting the ferrule and length of the paddle, by simply releasing a lever and adjusting the paddle.  This process was extremely quick and easy to accomplish while on the water and in between paddle strokes.


AT Fish Stix paddle on the water

The AT Fish Stix paddle is more of a high end paddle with a retail cost of $355.  I’ve always been a firm believer in the old adage of “you get what you pay for”, and this paddle fits that bill correctly.  The Fish Stix paddle is a perfect addition to the kayak angler who is looking for a quality, lightweight, and sturdy construction paddle.  I’ve been very pleased with the performance and ability of this paddle on my kayak fishing trips and look forward to many more in the future.  The Fish Stix Exodus paddle from AdventureTechnology will definitely be on the water again, and very soon.

For more information on the Exodus Fish Stix paddle and the complete line of paddles from Adventure Technology, visit their website at:



AT Exodus Fish Stix


Exodus Fish Stix paddle

  • Shaft: Carbon, Aramid, & Fiberglass Braid; Unibody Construction; Full Control Grip; Standard Diameter
  • Ferrule: Unlimited Feathering & Adjustable Length
  • Blade: Fiberglass; Foam Core; 640 cm2
  • Weight: 30oz.
  • Length: 210cm, 220cm, 230cm, 240cm
  • MSRP: $355
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