Fish Monkey: Performance Enhancing Gloves for Fishing

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Fish Monkey gloves are designed with the angler in mind. They provide sun protection, help grip your gear, and also help keep your hands warm in cooler months. 

Performance Enhancing Gloves for . . . Fishing

Fish Monkey gloves become standard equipment for the athlete angler

“If fishing is a sport, that must mean we’re athletes.” – Anonymous Angler

fish monkey

Destin, FL  – Whether or not you buy into the notion above, there’s little doubt about the role your hands play in the successful pursuit of fish. It’s no accident the best anglers also possess exceptional hand-eye coordination. You cast and reel—all the better if your pitches land with pinpoint accuracy. You tie knots—veteran anglers can do it with their eyes closed. How about picking sticky lures out of crowded tackle boxes? Or sharpening and extracting hooks? Steering the boat. Paddling the kayak. Lip-locking bass. That’s a lot of metacarpal exercise.

Made with special quick drying fabric and soft, silicone grips, fishing gloves protect fish and fisherman alike. (Photo by Bill Lindner)

You can make a pretty solid case that your hands—and protecting them— play equally important roles in successful fishing as they do in sports like baseball, football or golf. You might even say an anglers’ hands potentially take as much abuse as those of a boxer or MMA fighter. (If you doubt it, shake hands with a veteran fishing guide, sometime—not pretty.) Plus, fishing is performed directly beneath harsh UV rays for 12 hours or more per day. Hands get hammered from all directions and undoubtedly, deserve protecting.

“Professional athletes have always used gloves as standard equipment in their respective sport,” notes Bassmaster Elite Series pro Timmy Horton. “Could be a pair of baseball batting gloves worn to prevent blisters. Or hockey gloves to protect against pucks and sharp stick slashes. Or gloves worn by wide receivers in football. The grip they provide is so good some people refer to them as ‘performance enhancers’—and for good reason.
“In professional fishing,” Horton observes, “seeing anglers wearing gloves has become the new normal—and a pretty cool statement, depending on the style or colors you wave. It’s about protecting the skin on the back of your hands from UV rays, no doubt. But good fishing gloves also give me a better grip of my fishing rod. And on cooler days, they keep my hands warm and working at peak performance.”

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Timmy Horton says fishing-specific gloves enhance his on-water performance.

For Horton, a pair of Fish Monkey Guide Gloves serve as an insurance policy for his two most valuable fishing appendages. “My Guide Gloves have a soft, slightly tacky silicone grip. They actually enhance my ability to grip and cast the rod and reel, especially given the torque and tension we experience during a full day on the water. Definitely reduces fatigue and raises the level of my performance, all while protecting my skin from the fish, the sun and the elements.”

“Few years ago, I made a commitment to my family to do a better job of protecting myself against the outdoor elements while fishing,” says Steve Pennaz, professional angler and host of Lake Commandos TV. “For me, Fish Monkey Guide Gloves are a big part of the overall protection program.”
Like a lot of anglers, Pennaz had long disdained the use of liquid sunscreen products, which leave a greasy residue on the skin and give off unnatural, fish-repelling odors. Even more alarming are recent studies that suggest certain sunscreens may contain skin-penetrating chemicals with potentially harmful side effects. It’s another reason the easiest, safest solution to skin-protection today is a pair of gloves and other clothing with verified ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) ratings of 50 or more. Fabric with a rating of UPF 50+ means just 2-percent (1/50th) of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can penetrate through to the skin.

“For me, slipping on a pair of gloves and a Face Guard is simpler, safer and doesn’t put offensive sunscreen chemicals on my lures,” notes Pennaz. “What I particularly like about Fish Monkey—beyond their total UPF 50+ shield—is that the company is totally committed to building the most angler-centric gloves, period.

Fish Monkey Pro 365 Guide Gloves

“The company consists of apparel design experts who are also hardcore fishing people,” he continues. “They’re so serious about fabricating task-specific fishing gloves that they actually offer twenty different styles—each for different fishing situations, species, environments and climatic conditions. That level of dedication is evident when you slip a pair on your hands.”

Patterned to grant sensitivity and total freedom of movement in the wrists and fingers, Fish Monkey designs such as the versatile Stubby Guide Glove give anglers a super natural fit on the water. The half-finger, shortened open-wrist guide glove provides extra comfort with a non-slip silicone palm print for gripping things like fishing rods and kayak paddles. Its quick-drying spandex back provides total UPF 50+ sun protection. Special “pullers” yield easy-on, easy-off without turning the glove inside out. Guides and pro anglers continually call out the following advantages: casting, dexterity and enhanced performance while fishing, tying knots, safe fish handling, poling the flats, and hand protection from cuts, sun and fatigue. Kayak anglers, too, largely consider fishing gloves standard equipment.

“Few days ago, I landed over 60 bass while wearing Fish Monkey Guide Gloves,” says Pennaz, “What amazed me is that besides totally protecting my hands from sunburn, I noticed absolutely no signs of bass thumb—those annoying scrapes and punctures associated with lipping largemouth and smallmouth bass. Nothing against battle scars—had them for decades. But for me, fishing gloves have become the new way of doing business on the water.”




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