Fish Hunter Smartphone Fishfinder

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Fish Hunter will be our Day 4 feature with their smartphone fish finder. The Fish Hunter uses your smart phone giving the angler a portable fish finder.  It’s portable and great for use off of your kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard.

We first learned about the Fish Hunter while attending iCast a few months back.  It’s perfect for those anglers who don’t want to mount a fish finder on their kayak, deal with wires, thru hull transducers or transducer arms, or batteries.  All you need is a smartphone!  The Fish Hunter measures surface water temperatures, has 3 settings, and provides great resolution of up to 120 feet.  It utilizes military grade sonar technology, and is about the size of a baseball making it perfect for the tight confines of a fishing kayak.  What’s even more amazing about the Fish Hunter is it will give an accurate detection of fish location and fish size!  You can also set it to ping upon finding fish.  The Fish Hunter is also a great tool for planning your next trip with information on moon cycles, weather forecast, and a fish database.


Fish Hunter deployed in the water

We toyed with the Fish Hunter on a recent kayak fishing trip, and was floored with how well it performed.  The sonar imaging is on key, and the features are amazing.  If you’re looking for an easier way to locate fish while out on the water, and don’t want to go with mounting a fish finder, then we highly suggest the smart phone fish finder from Fish Hunter!  The Fish Hunter would make for a perfect gift for your kayak angler.


Fish Hunter smartphone fish finder

Fish Hunter

  • Military-grade piezo-electric crystal transducer technology
  • Battery life of 6-8 hours (normal conditions), 4-6 hours (icy conditions)
  • Powerful lithium battery
  • Temperature range: -22F to 95F
  • Casting range up to 80 feet, detection depth up to 120 feet
  • No installation required and can be trolled at slow speeds
  • Baseball sized, easy on-the-go and fits in the tackle box
  • Shock resistant, plastic rubber compound casing
  • Five years of advanced engineering and rigorous testing
  • Waterproof and environmentally safe
  • Bluetooth technology
  • MSRP: $229
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