The Fish Grip Junior

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Every kayak angler needs a good fish grip right?  As a saltwater angler, most of our species have sharp teeth, so a tool to help grab the fish without causing harm and damage to your digits is a must.  Day 6 of our 25 Days of Review will focus on one of the most important tools an angler can employ while out on the yak.  We’ll focus on the Fish Grip Junior.


Using the Fish Grip Jr to land a quality redfish

Like its predecessor, the Fish Grip Jr. is an amazing tool to carry on your kayak.  It’s lightweight, floats, and aids the angler in grabbing the fish without causing harm. The Fish Grip was designed by anglers for anglers.  The Fish Grip works like a pair of pliers to safely land fish and protect the angler.  The Fish Grip Junior takes to a whole new level.  At only 7″, it fits your hand much more easily, and the size simply feels right in the angler’s hand. I never head out on the water for a kayak fishing trip without my Fish Grip Jr’s.


Fish Grip Jr. holding a redfish

The Fish Grip Jr. floats which eliminates the worry of dropping or losing your fish grip to the deep blue ever again.  On a recent trip while landing a nice upper slot redfish, I put my Fish Grip Jr. on the redfish in order to remove the hook.  The redfish decided to give one last violent jerk, and yanked the Fish Grip Jr. from my hand.  Luckily for me, the grip unlocked but went down still in the redfish’s mouth.  It took a few moments, but the redfish sent it back up to me as I noticed it floating a few feet away.  The Fish Grip Jr. has handled smaller fish, and upwards of 30+ inch fish, and never failed me.  The Fish Grip Jr. retails for $10.99 and makes the perfect holiday gift for your special kayak angler.  Its size and retail cost make it an easy and affordable stocking stuffer that will give your kayak angler a great tool to carry on their next kayak fishing trip.


Fish Grip Jr.

Fish Grip Jr.

  • Unique jaw design holds the lip of the fish
  • Made of durable plastic and stainless steel
  • Wrist lanyard in case it slips
  • Made in the USA
  • 7″ long
  • MSRP: $10.99
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