First timers happiness!

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I finally had the chance to introduce my father to the sport of kayak fishing. We spent the day together along with about 40 other volunteers and veterans with Heroes on the Water NJ chapter! We fished Mirror Lake in Browns Mills, NJ. This is a beautiful lake with great fishing opportunities.


This was the first time my father had ever been in a kayak and would get to see me in my element. We started bright and early on our trip to a local lake. We unloaded the kayaks and geared up for a day of fresh water fishing. The weather was perfect and the water was very warm. After we all had coffee and donuts we hit the water. We hit the water hard and fished all of the spots we thought would hold bass. My father fished out of my Hobie Pro Angler 14 and I used my Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13. The conditions were perfect.


Northest Editor, Kevin, enjoying the day on the water with his dad!

After hours of trying and not for lack there of, we gave in and hit the shore for a great lunch prepared by the Civic Duty Partners. These guys come to most of our events and donate both their time and all the food to feed the volunteers and the veterans. Once everyone’s bellies were full we spent the remaining time sharing stories with all the other veterans and volunteers.


On the ride home I asked my father what he thought and all he said was when is the next event, he can’t wait to go again. Being a former US Marine he couldn’t believe what everyone was willing to do to make an amazing day for such amazing guys and gals. He enjoyed spending time with other veterans and hearing about their experiences with HOW.


Proud newcomer to kayak angling!

I never thought that the happiness of another could make me feel the way I do. I was just looking to spend the day with my dad and after that I realized how happy it made us both and I also gained another fishing buddy. If you have the chance to take your father, grandfather, son, daughter, or even a friend or neighbor fishing don’t hesitate. The smiles are worth it and I totally enjoyed witnessing a first timers happiness.


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2 Responses to First timers happiness!

  1. Matt Guest says:

    That’s awesome Kevin. I had a great time, and I will definitely be coming to more of them. It was great sharing this sport with folks who haven’t experienced it yet, and those who already love it but don’t get the opportunity to get out on the water as much as we do. I was reminded on Saturday how much I love seeing the unbridled excitement of someone catching their first fish from a kayak.

  2. Gene Gribble says:

    Kevin thanks for sharing your experience. There so many like your dad who were able to experience the joy of first fishing from a kayak. It was nice to meet your even though it was short. Cannot wait for the next event. You mention take someone, my highlightn as you know was Sandy Hook earlier this year. I had the trifecta with two nephews and my wife Loretta. Loretta was also able to take my new yak on its maiden voyage. It is a pleasure to apend time with such people…family like you.
    Thanks Kevin “Fisher of Men”

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