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The month of September was one that my family would be happy to forget.  It’s truly been a trying time to say the least.  To try and relieve some stress, I decided to take out my brother and nephew for their first time out.  They’d been out on a kayak before, but it was merely recreational.  Plus, they’d never fished from a kayak, and this would be their first taste of saltwater fishing. We were all definitely ready for their first time out.


JJ ready to hit the water

Our weekends had pretty much been nonexistent as of late, and what free time we could find was sparse at best.  My brother, Jeremy,  and I decided that we were going to make it happen so they could get their first time out.  We decided to sneak out for a couple of hours on a Tuesday afternoon after work.  Now that the season has changed, it’s been getting darker earlier, so we’d only have about 2 hours at best.  Jeremy was going to bring his son, JJ, so we’d be a trio for this first time out trip. We had the day and time set, now I needed to figure out where we could go that would be a quick and easy paddle, yet somewhere that I could get Jeremy & JJ on some fish.  I decided Dunns Creek would be our go to spot for their first time.


JJ with a mangrove snapper

Jeremy & JJ met me at my home and we quickly set up with loading the gear.  Jeremy’s pretty tall, so I decided to set him up in my Old Town Predator MX and we’d put JJ in my Wilderness Systems Ride 115X, while I would fish off my Pelican Flow 116 SUP.  With everything loaded up, we headed to the water which luckily was only about 4 miles away.  Once there, we quickly got everything unloaded and I gave a quick tutorial on paddling and kayak fishing.  We pushed off and Jeremy said to JJ to make sure he didn’t fall off.  Of course, as soon as the words, left his mouth, I heard a loud splash.  Perhaps Jeremy should have heeded his own advice.  We all had a great laugh at it, and I have to admit that Jeremy is extremely lucky that I didn’t have the camera or GoPro ready!


Jeremy with a mangrove snapper

After a quick 5 minute paddle we arrived at our fishing spot.  We all backed into the grass to face our casting area, and I put Jeremy & JJ on each side of me so I could assist both if needed.  We only had roughly a couple hours to fish, so we were simply fishing with dead shrimp on a bottom rig.  After showing the best way to bait the hook, I casted out to show them where the “hole” was.  It literally took about 2 seconds and JJ was hooked up.  His first saltwater fish was a feisty mangrove snapper.  Jeremy didn’t have to wait long himself and he was hooked up with a nice little mangrove snapper too.  Jeremy & JJ proceeded to lay into several mangrove snappers.


JJ with his first redfish

While everyone was having fun catching mangrove snappers, I truly wanted to get Jeremy and JJ on their first redfish.  Towards the end of our trip, that wish came to fruition.  JJ snagged a small redfish, and Jeremy quickly followed suit.  Both were stoked to catch their first redfish, and had a great first time out.  I believe we’ve introduced a couple more members to our kayak fishing family.  We almost had to pry JJ off the water, and Jeremy has already asked about getting his own kayaks.  While catching fish on their first trip out was the icing on the cake, we all enjoyed the family time together and relaxing on the water.  We’re already looking forward to our next kayak fishing trip. I think their first time out was a major success!


Jeremy with his first redfish.


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