First Offshore Trip

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About a year ago or so my buddy, James Juarez, had told me that he was going offshore kayak fishing. I told him he was crazy for wanting to go offshore in a kayak and he told me I should get a kayak and try it out sometime. Then he showed me pictures of the kingfish he was catching and I told him maybe one day I guess I’ll try it.

4th of July weekend 2014 was the weekend he said we were going. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous about this adventure! We got to the spot where we were going to launch our kayaks and there was already a few people there getting ready to head out.  It was a perfect day to for my first offshore trip as the surf was only about 1 foot.  We get our kayaks unloaded and set up on the beach. I was fishing out of my Slayer 14.5 from Native Watercraft, and James was fishing out of his Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160.  Our good friend, Glenn Madden aka Professor Salt, was joining us in his Santa Cruz Kayaks, Raptor. Once everything was unloaded and set up, James looked over at me and asked if I was ready. Still nervous I said, “not really but let’s do this”.


Oil rigs off the Texas coast

We headed out and I made it through the surf without turtling my kayak on the 1st try so I was good. Well, actually, I was pretty ecstatic! Now, we just had about another 4 miles to go until we got to the rig. On our way out Glenn and James stop to fish a bait ball and saw about an 8 foot bull shark.  I immediately thought that if one of those had even gotten close to me, well, you thought Jesus could walk on water?  I would have been running across it!  After that we made our way out to the oil rig. Once we got out there, I can honestly say it was one of the most peaceful mornings I had ever witnessed. James and I stopped about 3/4 of the way to rig and set out our ribbon fish. We stared paddling and about 15 minutes after soaking my bait, my reel started screaming! In all the excitement, it took me second to register what was happening! I grabbed my rod and set the hook and then it was on! Once the king
started pin-wheeling to the surface, James came over and gave me hand. It was definitely a nice king mackerel, just not the giant we were after, but a good first kingfish from the yak. I ended up catching 3 kings that day, as well as James. We ended up fishing the rigs trying to catch snapper, but all we were getting were bluefish and ladyfish. We started heading back in and all I could think about was getting back out there and fishing the rigs again!


My first kingfish

Needless to say, it was an awesome trip. If you know someone that goes offshore in a kayak you should definitely go with them sometime. Thanks again to my buddy James Juarez for getting me rigged up and taking me out there for the first time! I had an amazing experience my first trip offshore, and I can’t wait to do it again!


The haul of the day!

Jason Tyler is a Corpus Christi, Texas native grew up fishing the waters in and around south Texas.  Jason is also a veteran of the Navy who served in Iraq.

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