Family Fishing with Murphy’s Law

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We’ve all had our dealings with the infamous Murphy’s Law.  It’s simply a part of kayak fishing. Now, that’s not to say that Murphy’s Law is a welcome addition to any kayak fishing trip, but whether we like it or not, he certainly finds a way to come out with us. Murphy’s Law was definitely with us on a recent family kayak fishing trip, but perseverance definitely paid off.


The family that kayaks together…

There was finally a break in the weather, and that one Saturday certainly made it feel like Spring was finally upon us. I’d been keeping an eye on the weather all week with high hopes of being able to finally get back on the water and chase some redfish. I woke up Saturday morning, overly excited to get out on the water.  I took a look outside and it was beautiful out; not a cloud and bluebird skies! I thought about just loading up and heading out, but decided I wanted company for the trip. It had been several weeks since we’d taken a family kayak fishing trip, so I rousted everyone up to load up. Now here’s where our good friend, Murphy’s Law, always seems to get me.  I’m the type of kayak angler that HAS to load everything up the night before.  Why you ask? Well, quite simply, I don’t feel rushed.  If I’m loading up the day of the trip,  all of my attention is focused on getting on the water and as soon as possible. This is where Murphy’s Law rears it’s ugly head. No matter how many times I run through my head the list of everything I need, I always seem to forget something.


Garrett with the first redfish of the day!


So everything’s loaded; my kayak, the wife’s kayak, my oldest son’s kayak, rods, reels, paddles.  Yep, we’re all set.  (Or so I thought.) We all pile into the truck and head to the bait shop to grab some bait.  Of course, it’s become tradition that we always grab some Gatorades and snacks for the day’s trip.  My two sons always make it a point to made sure they get a pack of mini donuts for the trip too. Bait and other necessities picked up, we head to the launch to head off and enjoy an amazing Saturday afternoon.  We started unloading gear, and we’re hit with our first dose of Murphy’s Law. Kayaks? Check! Paddles? Check! PFD’s? Check! Stake Out Poles? Ummmm…. Yep, you guessed it, Murphy’s Law!


Gavin with his first redfish of the day!


Well at least we had our kayaks, PFD’s, paddles, and fishing gear! It was heading towards low tide, so we decided to simply shove off and make due with what we had. We started paddling to where we’d planned on fishing for the day, and the winds were blowing a little more than initially expected.  Weatherman got it wrong yet again, but we’ll blame that one on Murphy’s Law too. We finally get back to our area, and the youngest child is grumpy as all get out. We’re definitely blaming this one on Murphy’s Law, as he’s usually my little kayak angler.


Kaycee with a great looking redfish


Things just weren’t going our way at the onset, and it seemed like this great idea to spend some quality time on the water with the family was unraveling. Kids were getting fussy, gnats and bugs were all over the place, somehow the wife completely forgot how to cast with any sense of accuracy, and the fish weren’t biting. Murphy’s Law was in full effect and ruining what was supposed to be an awesome day. But… then it happened… that Okuma Shadow Stalker rod doubled over, and I hear Garrett happily yelling, “I’ve got a big fish daddy!”


Garrett with another quality redfish


Garrett broke the cycle, and sent Mr. Murphy’s Law on his way with landing a beautiful 20″ redfish. Once the bite turned on, it blew up.  Garrett had 4 redfish landed right off the bat from his Pelican Sonic 80x kayak.  Gavin and Kaycee also joined in on the fun by picking up redfish after redfish.  I have to admit, I was feeling a bit left out, then my rod doubled over with what I knew had to be a quality fish.  The fight took several minutes, and after several runs, I finally landed a stud 27″ redfish.


my 27″ stud redfish


We fished for a couple more hours, landing redfish after redfish, cutting up and having a blast on the water. Final tally for the day was around 30 redfish landed, with a few that broke off.  We safely released all fish for our next family trip.  It had gotten a little late in the afternoon, so we all decided to head back to the launch. The winds picked up, and the paddle back would mean paddling back into a 15-20 mph headwind the whole way back.  Garrett decided he wanted to make a race out of it, and took off in the lead.  In all honesty, I didn’t expect he’d be able to make it very far until I’d have to come and give him a tow with my Native Slayer Propel 13.  Much to my surprise, every time I’d attempt to come up next to him, he’d cut me off, telling me that he was fine and he had this.  He paddled the whole way back by himself in the wind, roughly a 2 mile paddle.  We had some fun with it being a race, and every time I’d try to take the lead, Garrett would paddle in front of me to cut me off.  I have to admit, I bore a broad smile from ear to ear the whole way back, proud of my young kayak angler, and the great accomplishment he was making.


we’re racing home


I can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful day, than to spend it with my family.  Sharing each other’s company on the water, paddling our kayaks, and tearing into some redfish.  These are the memories that we will all carry with us the rest of our days, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Take that Mr. Murphy’s Law!


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  1. Jason says:

    Haha, Garrett’s a champ. Landing his own reds, AND paddling two miles into headwind?

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