Epixor XT: Okuma Fishing USA Spinning Reel

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Like most anglers, when I look at a fishing reel I look at a couple different factors. First, I want to know that it can handle the pressure of fishing day in and out. Secondly, I don’t want to take out a second mortgage on my home just to afford it. I’ve been using Okuma Fishing products for several years now, and I absolutely love the new Epixor XT spinning reel.

Let me preface this gear review for the Epixor XT spinning reel by saying that I’m the world’s worst when it comes to maintaining gear. I’m one of those guys who will come home from fishing, leave my gear leaned up against the garage, and leave it for a few days or so. I’m historically terrible at cleaning gear, rinsing off the saltwater, and oiling my reels.

Epixor XT

With this in mind, it’s important to me to have gear that can withstand the rigors of inshore saltwater fishing. Like I stated above, I’ve used Okuma Fishing products for years now simply for that fact. Okuma fishing gear handles rough and tough use, have great quality products, and perform when put to the test.

I’ve recently been using the new Epixor X spinning for some time now and I am very pleased with its performance. The reel looks pretty sharp on any rod you put it on and this is one smooth reel. Casting is a breeze with the Epixor XT with how smooth it is. The reel also has the backbone to tangle with inshore fish from redfish to trout to flounder, even with massive black drum. Along with the smoothness of the reel is simply how good this reel feels in your hand when you’re fighting a fish.

The Epixor XT spinning reel comes in three sizes: 20, 30, & 40. Each reel has 8 ball bearings and a ratio of 5.0:1 which explains the smoothness when reeling. The Torsion Control Armor of the Epixor XT reduces twisting and includes Cyclonic Flow Rotor Technology of Okuma Fishing USA. Features for the Epixor XT includes a quick-set anti-reverse bearing, precision machine cut brass pinion gear, and a slow oscillation system for improved line lay. The Epixor XT reel will easily handle the rigors of fishing with a rigid metal handle design for strength, a machined aluminum 2 ton anodized spool with LCS clip, heavy duty solid aluminum bail wire. The Epixor XT also features a corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor which will protect the reel from the rigors of the salt, but also preserve a light feeling in your hand.


With the Epixor XT spinning reel from Okuma Fishing, you’re getting a solid reel that can handle the abuse of kayak fishing, and with an MSRP of $69.99 – $74.99 you’re going to have a hard time arguing about the price point. We highly recommend checking out the new Epixor XT from Okuma Fishing. Grab yourself one and get out on the water for your next trophy catch.


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  1. Doug C. says:

    Is the Epixor 40 a good size for pier fishing kings?

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