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There was an array of new electronics available at iCast 2014.  New action cameras, Fish Finders, and small sonars.  There was enough to make your head spin!  Here’s a recap of what was available at this year’s iCast show!



Elite-3x fish finder from Lowrance

Lowrance introduced a new fish finder aimed at the kayak fishing community with the Elite-3x.  This new fish finder comes in under $100 dollars and features Broadband Sounder, a water-temperature sensor and Fish I.D. The Elite-3x fish finder features an LED-backlit color display to quickly and easily identify fish targets, bottom contours and structure — featuring dual-frequency 83 or 200 kHz Broadband Sounder™ operation with water-temperature sensor and Fish I.D.  With a price tag of under $100, the Elite-3x makes adding a fish finder to your kayak much more easier.

MSRP: $99



One of the more interesting electronics items that we came across was the iBobber from ReelSonar.  This little device is smaller than your hand, but boasts some big potential. You simply cast it out, and it gives you a ton of information.  We met with ReelSonar, and were given a nice presentation of this amazing device.  You simply cast the iBobber out, and it gives you updates through you smartphone or tablet the water depth up to 135′, lunar calendar, weather, fish depth, and 2 fish sizes.  You can also map the terrain underwater using the iBobber.  Best of all is the iBobber costs less than $100, and the smartphone app is free.  We’re looking forward to seeing this product again, and can’t wait to test it out.


  • Sonar: up to 135′
  • Water bed mapping: up to 100′
  • lunar calendar
  • weather
  • trip log
  • GPS tagging
  • MSRP: $99.99





FishHunter portable fishfinder

FishHunter has evolved a fishfinder device so small it floats, so smart it can speak to mobile phones from 80′ away (via Bluetooth), and so powerful it can track fish 120′ below the surface. Engineered with military Sonar technology, FishHunter Fishfinder is a powerful downward facing fishfinder transducer combined with a world-class fishing app for Apple and Android phones.

  • Military-grade piezoelectric crystal sonar transducer technology
  • Depth 120 feet, with 3 different depth settings
  • Completely portable with no installation required
  • Bluetooth wireless range – 80 feet, no cell tower connection required
  • Protective plastic rubber compound coating that floats on the surface and protects against water hazards
  • Environmentally safe, shock resistant and waterproof
  • MSRP: $229


 iON Camera


iON Action Cam in Realtree

Video has become a big addition to the kayak angler.  Everyone (us included!) likes to get their kayak fishing adventures on video.  iON Cameras have added a new action cam to their arsenal with the CamoCAM.  The CamoCAM boasts a 14-megapixel sensor delivering superior image quality while capturing up to 60 frames per second HD video. Additionally, the CamoCAM’s unique one-touch-recording feature allows silent activation of the camera with the flip of a switch.  Unlike other POV cameras, there are no loud beeps to alert game and scare off that trophy buck. A 180-degree lens provides the widest field of view, allowing users to capture more of the scene, and long-life battery provides up to 2.5 hours recording time, ensuring the camera remains fully functional to capture any and every moment.

  • MSRP: $299.99




Gideon action cam from WASPcam

We also had an opportunity to check out the selection of action cams available from WASPcam.  They offer 3 different cameras with various price points to fit everyone’s needs.  The Jakd is designed with kids and juniors in mind, easy to use, comes with a 2″ LCD touch screen, 5MP photos, and up to 1080p25 HD video.  The 9900/9901 brings incredible value with WIFI built in, up to 1080p30 HD video, MP photo, photo burst/time lapse/self timer feature.  It also syncs with the wireless wrist remote, that is available with the 9901 package.  The cream of the crop for WASPcam is the Gideon.  It includes the Wireless Wrist Remote with live viewing display.  The wireless remote connects to the camera up to 25 feet away.  The Gideon also captures images up to 16MP, has 1080p60 frames per second, can connect up to 6 cameras.

Jakd: $139

9900/9901: $229

Gideon: $319




Everio Quad Proof from JVC

JVC also debuted some new video cameras, including the new Everio Quad Proof.  The Everio Quad Proof is the first hand-held camcorder that is waterproof.  It offers full 1920 x 1080 HD recording, image stabilization, and a 4.5 hour battery.  It also has Super LoLux, a 2.5MP back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor that helps indoor and night scenes look brilliant.  The zoom on the Everio Quad Proof is also amazing, with 40x Optical and 60x Dynamic Zoom.  The Experio Quad Proof will also attach to existing kayak camera mounts, and best of all, if dropped it will float!  We personally witnessed the zoom capabilities of this camera, and watched underwater video of the camera and the quality is amazing!  This camera is definitely on our wish list!


  • 16.4 Feet Water Proof
  • 1/5.8” 2.5MP Back Illuminated CMOS Sensor
  • Full HD 1920×1080 AVCHD Recording
  • 1080/60p Output
  • Advanced Image Stabilizer
  • Konica Minolta HD Lens
  • 40X Optical Zoom/60X Dynamic Zoom
  • Zoom Microphone
  • 3”, 230k Pixel Touch Screen LCD Monitor
  • 4.5 Hour Internal Long Life Battery/Quick Charging
  • MSRP: $399.95

Water Wolf


Water Wolf underwater camera from Okuma Fishing

Okuma Fishing announced the newest addition to their family, the Water Wolf HD underwater camera.  This camera attaches to your fishing line, and allows the angler to get some amazing footage of their lure in the water, and video a fish hitting their lure.  While that aspect of the camera is amazing, the camera could also become an invaluable tool, allowing each of us to learn how we’re working our lures, and improve on that aspect, thus catch more fish!  With the Water Wolf HD camera, you simply tie one end to your main line, then attach your leader to the other end with your lure.  We got to watch some amazing footage of fluke trying to catch a shrimp lure.  Here’s a video showcasing the Water Wolf HD camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbQPIR_hN0g

The Water Wolf will be available November 2014.


  • in-line underwater HD camera
  • ties directly in front of bait or lure
  • 4 hours 720p HD recording with 16GB micro SD card
  • operating range up to 300′
  • 3 different keel weights


As you can see, there was plenty to make your fishing better and much more adventurous.  We definitely have our favorites from the iCast 2014 show.  We’re curious to know what you think would make your kayak fishing adventures much more fun!

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