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Down South Lures is our feature for Day 21 of the Christmas Reviews.  Designed by anglers for anglers, these lures have proven themselves time after time.  Check out Down South Lures.header_image[1]








In the world of kayak fishing, ‘skinny water’ angling is a passion shared by many, if not all!  Well, down here in the deep South, when out on the skinniest of waters chasing a school of redfish or just trying to stalk out that one lone red ranger that is in just deep enough water to survive it seems, we rely on Down South Lures to provide us with a reliable soft plastic lure to produce.  And let me tell you, I have not come across a better soft plastic lure that produces the amount of strikes in our backwater marshes and flats of Sabine Lake than the Texas-based Down South Lures!

Located in Austin, Texas, Mike Bosse has created the ideal skinny water lure.  The following is an excerpt taken from his website at

“At Down South Lures, we believe in producing the finest quality soft plastic baits that are dedicated to the “skinny water enthusiast” of saltwater anglers worldwide.”

As most anglers, like myself are not keen to the specifics that may go into the creation and design of a lure that is specifically designed and tailored to this style of fishing, the Yak Outlaws reached out to Mike get his professional opinion on what makes Down South the ideal shallow water lure:  “(Our) mold was designed as a hybrid.  It is a paddle tail that swims on the fall because the tail was shaved down.  You can catch a lot of fish on this bait because it swims on the fall and looks like it is swimming away to escape.  It also does not overpower spooky fish on the flats.”















After being introduced to Down South Lures a little over a year ago, the unique falling action has proven lethal time and time again!  As seen above, two of my personal favorites, the Plum Chartreuse and Spicy Pumpkinseed.  If you are an avid kayak angler that enjoys pushing up in the skinniest of waters or just enjoy hitting the saltwater flats of your area, give Down South Lures a try and you will not be disappointed!

Also taken from  “Down South Lures is a family run business that was inspired to make their own line of fishing lures because of our love for the coast and the great fishing that it offers.  We are conservationists at heart and believe that preserving the coastal ecosystems is of great importance for future generations.”


Spicy Pumpkinseed

The Yak Outlaws would like to thank Mike Bosse for taking the time and offering his thoughts on this article and wish Down South Lures the best of luck in the future.

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  1. jack says:

    Awesome Collection of lures. It looks really good.

  2. Juan lopez says:

    Love DownSouth lures great for the cuts in matagorda will not fish dead again…

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