DIY Bait Tube

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When fishing offshore from your kayak, keeping your bait alive is one very key aspect to landing those trophy offshore species.  Here’s a quick and simple design to help you keep your bait alive, and thus catch more fish.  We have to thank Jason Downs with Emerald Coast Kayak Charters for his bait tube design.

This is a very simple but effective way to store live bait while out on the yak. You will need the following equipment:

Material List

1 – 3″by 24″ piece of PVC $6.25

2 –  3″ PVC Shower Drain $2.98 each

5-7ft of 1/4″ rope $0.22 per ft

PVC Cement $4.98

Tools Required

Drill & 3/8″ drill bit




Step 1.

Drill 4 rows of holes going long ways down the 24″ piece of PVC. Be sure to temporarily install the caps so you do not drill holes that would end up being blocked once the caps are fully installed.


Step 2.

Using the PVC Cement, connect the bottom cap to the 24″ piece. 10523563_819146944776101_8059631177624733386_n10500328_819146911442771_6057354981315886577_n

Step 3. (optional)

If you plan on painting your bait tube, now is the time before tying the rope to it. Install lid and paint. After it dries, proceed to step 4.

Step 4.

Cut about 8-10 inches from the rope and insert through the cap that has not been attached. Tie a knot on the inner side. Loop back through the cap and tie another knot. This will be your handle to pull the cap off.



Step 5.

Use the rest of the rope and insert it through one of the holes drilled in the 24″ piece. Tie a knot on the outside of the tube. Then run it through the removal cap so that it comes out the top. This will ensure that the cap does not fall off and will also keep the tube streamlined with the kayak.



Step 6.

From here you can decide how to attach it to the yak. You could put a carabineer clip on the end, tie it off, or wrap it around an anchor cleat; whatever is the best way for you to safely secure it to the yak.

Step 7.

Catch Bait

Step 8.

Catch Fish

Total cost – $18.73

As always thanks for checking out our DIY Bait tube.

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2 Responses to DIY Bait Tube

  1. keeblero says:

    how do you keep the unglued lid from falling off and losing the bait?

  2. neil molinari says:

    The tolerances are pretty tight on pvc pipes and shouldn’t fall out. If your still concerned about it, you can just use a bungee on the outside from one end to the other. It’s simple and it works!!!

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