Cuda Brand Pliers and Grippper

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We recently took to testing out the fish gripper and pliers from Cuda Brand. We’ve put them through the ringer testing their durability and capabilities in the saltwater marshes of Northeast Florida. Check  out our thoughts on the pliers and fish gripper from Cuda Brand.

The fish gripper from Cuda Brand is somewhat similar to a boga grip that many anglers know about. The differences part greatly from there. The grip is easily used, grabs the fish and holds it, and fits in your hand perfectly. The Cuda Grip & Scale is designed to grab and weigh a fish up to 50lbs. The grip is non-slip, which means it won’t slip out of those wet hands. The Cuda Grip & Scale does come with a small lanyard, but I chose a longer lanyard to attach to my kayak like a paddle leash. I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality and durability of the Grip & Scale. The Grip & Scale has been fully immersed in salt water to keep a fish in the water while getting a camera set up for that special “hero shot”. Even better about the Grip & Scale is the price! At only $54, the Cuda Grip & Scale is a great tool with an even better price point.

Cuda Grip & Scale

Cuda Grip & Scale

  • Aluminum Alloy structure
  • Integrated 50 lb scale
  • Non-slip cuda scale pattern grip
  • Visible full-tang construction
  • Includes convenient lanyard & Lifetime Warranty
  • MSRP: $54.04


The fishing pliers from Cuda are a 7.5″ braid/mono cutting pliers, and they’re also wire cutters as well. At first, my initial impression was the handles on the pliers were a tad large, but after using them on the water repeatedly, those impressions disappeared. Using the same non-slip grip as the fish gripper, the pliers give you a tad more grip than your typical fishing pliers. The cutters cut through braid like a knife slicing through warm butter. The pliers are great for cutting braid and mono, as well as giving the angler a bit of help when working out that jighead in the tough part of a fish’s mouth. They’re a tad more expensive than your typical big box store type pliers, but they’re definitely worth the extra money and will last you much more longer. The sheath is durable, and they also come with a lanyard which keeps the pliers secured to the angler.

Cuda 7.5″ Mono/Braid Fishing Pliers

Cuda Fishing Pliers

  • Titanium Bonded
  • Integrated Tungsten Carbide Wire Cutters
  • High-leverage mono & braid compound cutters
  • Visible full-tang Aluminum Alloy construction
  • Non-slip Cuda scale pattern grips Includes ballistic nylon sheath and convenient lanyard
  • MSRP: $80.49

I’ve personally been very impressed with both fishing tools from Cuda Brand, and would definitely recommend them to veteran and newcomer kayak anglers. You can learn more about the tools from Cuda Brand at

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