Columbia Sportswear – Drainmaker II

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I’ve gone through different brands of shoes for use while out in my kayak.  Literally, all of them.  Crocs, flip flops, water socks, cheapo water shoes from Wal-Mart, literally all of them.  Then I tried the Drainmakers from Columbia Sportswear, and it was finally a done deal!  By far and without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever used on my kayak.  Think of your favorite pair of sneakers, and combine it with the ability to be worn on and in the water and there you have it.  No more of the water shoes losing their soles, no more pebbles coming through the holes on the side of the Crocs, and no more unprotected sides with the flip flops.  Easily the last brand of water shoe that you’ll ever need to buy!  The Drainmaker II from Columbia is so comfortable that I even have a pair to wear casually.  Very stylish and sporty looking when wearing them casually, but durable and able to handle being in the saltwater on a daily basis.  I’ve waded the flats with these shoes, and even walked across oyster beds, never with a fear or issue.  The soles have amazing grip, while the rest of the shoe is very breathable, and drains water with ease.  For more information about the variety of products available from Columbia, check out their website:

Columbia – Drainmaker IIColumbia-Sportswear-PFG-Drainmaker-Mens-Water-Fishing-Boating-Shoe-Navy[1]

  • Techlite midsole with drainage ports in heel and forefoot
  • Omni-Grip high traction wet rubber grip
  • Breathable single layer open mesh upper
  • Siped with lugs for extra traction
  • Fully drainable footbed
  • MSRP: $85
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