Cayenne Pepper for Soft Plastics: Z-Man Lures

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As anglers, we’re always looking for that added little extra something to make our lure a little hotter, a little cayenne pepper added to it if you will. Z-Man Fishing recently unveiled a new little something extra that’s sure to make your soft plastic a little hotter.cayenne

Cayenne Pepper for Soft Plastics

New Z-Man® TRD™ SpinZ Tail Spinner spices up ElaZtech® and other softbait presentations

LADSON, SC – A solitary sparkle interrupts the abyss. Tiny tail-thrusts ping lateral lines like an aquatic drumbeat. In the brain of a bass, a solitary, silvery morsel is an easy opportunity—the inspiration behind Z-Man’s new TRD SpinZ Tail Spinner. Bringing bling to soft plastic baits, the SpinZ gives off subtle flash and vibration—those often-necessary strike inducements, especially critical in stained to dirty water.

A simplified alternative to screw-in style tail spinners, the TRD SpinZ employs a single, stainless centering wire and exclusive keeper design that’s easy to rig with all softbaits, including Z-Man’s state-of-the-art ElaZtech. “We tweaked shaft length and worked through at least nine different keeper arrangements before implementing a bulletproof design,” says Z-Man confidant and tackle-tech, Drew Reese. “This keeper configuration grabs and holds all soft plastic baits exceptionally well.”

Reese, who finished 7th at the first-ever Bassmaster Classic on Lake Mead, spices Ned rig style baits, such as the Finesse TRD, with a TRD SpinZ during low light conditions and in dingy water. Interestingly, Reese says the TRD / SpinZ combo has also had a magnetic effect on rainbow trout, particularly in dirty-water lakes.

Referring to the tannic-stained waters of Lake of the Woods, where he spends summers chasing smallmouths, Reese offers further observations: “During those first couple hours of the morning, the Colorado-bladed SpinZ usually gets me bit right away.

“To get the blade turning, I use a slow-swimming retrieve. Two-thirds of the way back to the boat, I flip the bail open and let the bait helicopter to the bottom. The Colorado blade creates a lot of flash and vibration while it flutters on the way down. If you don’t already feel the weight of a bass after it hits bottom, give the bait a couple quick hops. Do this and you’ll trigger an amazing number of extra bites from following bass.”

Adding subtle enticement to a variety of softbaits, the TRD SpinZ marries with most Ned rig baits, Wacky or Texas rigged stickbaits and select dropshot baits. The new tail spinner offers an easy-to-rig centering wire and sharp, molded keeper prongs to grip soft plastic and ElaZtech equally well. The SpinZ even adds flash and vibration to the belly of paddletail swimbaits, for an “under-spin” effect.

Sold in three-packs, TRD SpinZ Tail Spinners are offered in willowleaf or Colorado style blades in gold or silver finishes, each riding a premium ball-bearing swivel for max rotation. MSRP $4.99 per three-pack. Learn more at

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