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We’re honored to have Accent Pro Staff member Jonathan Leavitt from Virginia offer his take on the new paddle from Cannon, the Slider.  It’s an amazing concept being able to have a paddle that can extend in length for a variety of purposes.  Whether you have a wide yak, or use a yak with the hi/lo seating options, or simply need a little extra length when standing and poling your favorite flat, then the Slider is the paddle for you!

 The Paddle is to the kayak as the motor is to a power boat; without them you’re going nowhere. There are many things that a kayak can do and places it can go that a power boat cannot, and vice-versa. Guys with power boats would probably love to be able to buy one motor for multiple boats, but we know that is usually not possible. It is possible for the kayak fisherman. Every year boat manufacturers come out with new kayaks that fit a certain niche on the water, such as narrow and wide boats, Hi-Low seating positions, and boats that are stable enough to stand in. Cannon has come up with a paddle called the Slider that can accommodate all those designs and more.

Cannon has been designing and producing paddles for 30 years here in the U.S. and is known as a brand innovator. The Slider is designed for wide and narrow boats as well as boats with a high and low seating position. This is made possible by its ability to adjust from 230cm to 250cm simply by sliding one side of the paddle to the desired length and a securing it with a clip located at the center of the paddle. In the standing position the 250cm length is long enough to reach the water.

I recently spent three days fishing the New river in Blacksburg, Virginia and having the ability to shorten the paddle when I needed to negotiate rapids or make up ground and then be able to extend it for when I was in a standing position to fish was imperative. Its rigidity and strength are second only to its versatility. It has a fiberglass shaft and reinforced blades that really make it feel like an extension of your body. There have been times where I was in a rapid and disaster was seconds away that the Slider was strong enough to get me out trouble. Weight is not compromised for its strength; it weighs in at 37oz.

As a kayak fisherman it’s nice to have tools that take on different roles, and the Slider is one of those tools, it has a tape measure to 40” on the shaft for proving some of my “fish stories”. I have used the slider in lakes, ocean, and rivers that have up to class 3 rapids and it has performed flawlessly.

Cannon Paddles – Slider

  • Weight: 37.6oz
  • Length: 230cm-250cm/250cm-270cm
  • Fiberglass Shaft
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon blades
  • 40″ measuring tape on the shaft
  • Designed for narrow and wide kayaks as well as hi/low seating positions
  • MSRP: $160


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