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Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.  Just getting out on the water, taking a nice and leisurely pace and enjoying what mother nature has to offer can ease the stresses of everyday life away.  That’s what I did this weekend.  I loaded up my gear, grabbed some bait from my local tackle shop, and headed to the kayak launch.  When I pulled up to the launch, I noticed a long time friend of mine, Jason, was already there and out on the water so I gave him a quick call to see where he was fishing and how the bite had been.

We chatted for a couple minutes and I let him know where I’d planned on wetting a few lines.  I unloaded all my gear and pushed off, heading back into Browns Creek he was fishing and how the bite had been.  We here in Jacksonville, FL.  I set myself up, and quickly had a couple lines in the water.  Before long, I had a fish on, and landed a nice jack crevalle, then got into a mess of croakers.  I looked over and noticed Jason paddling my way.  It seems he’d been ran off his spot because of dolphins cruising back & forth where he was fishing.  He anchored up a little ways off, and got his lines in the water.  It wasn’t long before his rod doubles over and he’s got himself a nice fish on.  Of course, the redfish tried it’s best to tangle every line that we had out, but Jason was able to still land him an get a nice pic of a great looking 29″ redfish.  A few minutes later I got my redfish of the day with a nice 20″ red.  We hung out there for the better part of the day, just simply hanging out and catching up with each other.  We ended up with a mixed bag of redfish, trout, flounder, mangrove snapper, croakers, and jack crevalle before calling it a day.  Great day on the water catching, but an even better day hanging out with an old friend.


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