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The BooneDox rudder is our Day 7 review, and Yak Outlaws’ fan, David Wood shares this thoughts on this inexpensive, yet productive upgrade for the Native Watercraft Propel owners.  My curiosity is definitely raised up a notch for adding one to a Slayer Propel! Enjoy David’s review of the BooneDox rudder upgrade.

If you own a Native Slayer Propel, then the BooneDOX rudder is a must buy. Not only is it relatively inexpensive at $69.95, its super easy to install. Currently it only comes in two colors, orange and lime green, but if I was a betting man I’d say BooneDOX is going to expand their color selection very soon. The BooneDOX rudder is designed specifically for the Native Slayer Propel Series kayaks. It’s constructed out of a very durable lightweight aluminum and attaches to the kayak by a stainless screw which is provided. As mentioned early, the install is a breeze. Simple unscrew your stock Native rudder and replace it with the BooneDOX rudder. Then tighten the screw down till the rudder control moves somewhat freely. A little tip here is to add some blue Loctite to the screw so when the rudder is under stress the screw doesn’t back out.


Comparison of the BooneDox rudder to the Slayer rudder

As far as performance, the BooneDOX rudder greatly increases the Natives turning radius in tight locations and makes tracking over long distances a lot easier. When fishing those tight honey holes, the BooneDOX rudder allows you to maneuver, turn around, and back up with ease. No more 10 point turns. If you’re like me and troll a lot, the BooneDOX rudder is a must. With the increased length, 5.5” overstock, there’s no more adjusting every 3 seconds to maintain a straight course. Another good benefit of the BooneDOX rudder is the ability set up a drift pattern and maintain it. This allows you stand up and fish more and not worry about your direction.


Slayer Propel with the BooneDox rudder

The only negative issue that I’ve come across with the BooneDOX is when dragging and/or loading your kayak, be very careful and mindful of your rudder. It doesn’t flex like the plastic Native rudder does. Overall, I highly recommend the BooneDOX rudder and give a 9 out 10.








David has been kayak fishing for about 4 years. He is originally from Alabama but lives in Navarre, Florida now. David has been in the US Air Force for 12.5 years. He is also a member of the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association.


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2 Responses to BooneDox Rudder

  1. J. Bevis says:

    I recommend the following change to the securing your BooneDOX rudder to ensure the rudder does not loosen and fall OFF the kayak. This has happen to multiple kayakers on the Native Slayer forum. Adding a bar knob as shown allows you to adjust the tension on the rudder control unit and eliminates the need to carry tools for this purpose.

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