Solo Trip… Doubled Up

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Between Mother Nature blasting NE Florida with rains these past few days, fishing has been pretty much nonexistent for me this past week.  While I’ve been able to get caught up on work, my itch to get out on the water has only increased tenfold.  Saturday morning hit and showed lots of promise, low tide early in the morning and calm winds.  With the wife having plans to take the kids to a little circus, the window of opportunity only grew and I took full advantage of my chance to get some saltwater therapy.  I stopped at my favorite local bait shop, and picked up a dozen mud minnows, and made my way to the launch.  I quickly unloaded and set off in search of some redfish.  I noticed a couple newbies (father & son) hitting the water at the same time and offered a couple of quick tips for the newcomers to the sport, then set off to my spot.  I had a bit of a conundrum, because at low tide there are several “spots” that I could hit up.  I picked the closest spot and the one that has been producing some decent redfish numbers as of late.  I reach my destination, and quickly get a line in the water, a mud minnow on a bottom rig.  Not 2 minutes later I noticed something crashing bait in a small cut just to my left about 40 yards away.  I was ready to get my skunk off as quickly as possible so I pulled my lines in, and started making my way over to the affected area.  When almost there, I noticed a couple flounder busting bait and coming out of the water, a truly cool site to be witness to.  I get set up, and lines in the water again.  My rod quickly doubles over, and it’s fish on.  Now, fishing has a funny way of reminding you how easy it is to make rookie mistakes, as I let my line go slack while trying to get the new action cam set up.  Fish OFF!  I regain my composure after a few choice words to myself, and send a new mud minnow out on a bottom rig.  The tide is coming in perfectly now, and Mr. Redfish is quick to oblige.  I get this fish in fairly quickly, and after a quick photo and measurement, the 18″ redfish goes back into the drink for another day.18 redfish

I have myself a couple more quick strikes, then the fun really begins.  I set out one mud minnow on a bottom rig, and toss out another on a saltwater assassin 1/4oz jighead.  A few minutes pass, and my rod doubles over violently!  I quickly turn on the action cam, and grab the rod and it’s fish on and I know this is a nice redfish by the way its peeling off line.  Not 2 seconds into this fight, my other rod doubles over!  Ahhh, the famed double hook up.  After a 10 minute fight, I land both fish and get photos.  Redfish #1 is a nice and respectable 25.5″, and redfish #2 is a chunky 27.25″.  Both fish were released for someone else’s enjoyment on another day.  I finished the day with a couple of small, potato chip sized flounder and some mangrove snapper.  Not bad for about 3 hours on the water.  Can’t wait to get back on the water and some more of that redfish and saltwater therapy!

25.5in redfish



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