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As the sport of kayak fishing grows, there’s a tremendous amount of new kayak anglers, and they’re chock full of questions.  One of the questions that is often posed to me is, “what kind of paddle should I get?”  Ultimately the answer begins with the simple, “How much do you want to spend?”  As kayak anglers, there are several brands available, in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and at various price points.


Ultimately, when choosing a new paddle, several factors should come into play.  Your height, the width of your kayak, and type of paddler are all questions that should be addressed when looking for a new kayak paddle.  Your height is important as well as width of kayak, as you don’t want to use a 220cm paddle when fishing out of a 34″ kayak.  The paddle simply wouldn’t be long enough for a productive paddle stroke, and you’d spend the better part of your day struggling to simply get to your fishing spot.  There are predominantly 2 styles of paddlers; high angle and low angle paddlers.  High angle paddles generally have wider or “fatter” blades, and low angle paddles have longer yet narrower paddle blades.  Knowing what type of paddler you are is very beneficial when choosing your next paddle.


Of course, many just getting into the sport are hesitant to simply go out and drop several hundred dollars on a high end carbon fiber paddle.  That being said, they don’t want an overly heavy cheap paddle to begin with either.  One of the better entry/mid level kayak fishing paddles I’ve had the pleasure to test is the Bending Branches Angler Classic paddle.  The Angler Classic comes in several sizes to suit every kind of angler on any size and style of kayak.  The shaft is made of fiberglass and offers plenty of strength when needed to push off of or away from bridge pilings, docks, branches, oyster beds, etc.   Another cool feature of the paddle shaft is a 40″ measuring ruler decal.  This neat little feature gives the angler the opportunity to measure their catch without the need of a measuring board, or saves the day for when you forget to bring your measuring device.  The paddle blade itself is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon, and offers a good contact surface for any style paddle stroke.  Bending Branches has added a “hook retriever” to the paddle blade to assist in getting lures or hooks free from obstructions such as an oyster bed, dock piling, rocks, etc.

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The paddle weighs in at 35oz, which may seem heavy, but once you’re on the water and paddling, it doesn’t hinder the performance of the paddle at all.  The Angler Classic comes in 2 colors: sage green and orange.  I chose the orange color blade as it could also double to assist in increasing your visibility for other anglers and boaters who are heading into your vicinity.  I was very pleased with the overall performance of the Angler Classic paddle from Bending Branches and I feel it is a perfect paddle for any kayak angler, regardless of experience level.

For more information about the Angler Classic paddle and many other kayak fishing paddles from Bending Branches, visit their website at:

Angler ClassicSlice-Angler[1]

  • Blade Material: Fiberglass reinforced Nylon
  • Blade Size: 6.9″ x 17.5″ (95 sq. in)
  • Shaft Type: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 35oz
  • Hook Retrieval System
  • 40″ measuring ruler decal
  • Blade colors: Sage Green, Orange
  • Heavy Duty Drip Rings
  • Ferrule Angles: 0º & 60º – Left or Right
  • MSRP” $139.95
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