Baseball to Kayak Fishing: First Timer

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Baseball and fishing have to be at the top of the list of American pastimes, and a couple of weeks ago, we decided to bring the 2 together so to speak. I’ve been involved in our local Little League with my sons for a little while now, and it’s truly been an amazing experience.


I’ve truly enjoyed teaching and watching the kids grow and become better at the game of baseball, both with my 2 sons and with the other kids I’ve been managing. Of course, I can’t fail to mention that it’s the parents who truly help make a season a success or a failure. Where I was extremely fortunate this past season, a large portion of that is due to the amazing parents I had. We weren’t merely a baseball team, but more of a baseball family. One of those in particular served as my “Team Mom” last season, and a great friendship has blossomed between our families.

A few days back, my team mom, Felicia, saw a thread I’d posted on Facebook offering to take someone fishing with me and she quickly chimed in wanting to go with. Of course, it was her birthday week and she used that card without fail. While she’d been kayaking before, fishing out of a kayak would be a new adventure for her. You could sense that she was pretty excited about the concept and looking forward to our trip.

Personally, I absolutely love kayak fishing and will take pretty much anyone who chimes in that they wanna try it. Many of you can agree that it’s usually an experience with a newcomer to kayak fishing, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this trip. To her credit, Felicia showed up, helped load up the gear, and even earned major cool points with an offering of a breakfast biscuit to start the day.

We stopped and grabbed some bait for the trip, then hit up the launch. After everything was unloaded, we started paddling off to our fishing spot. Felicia took to paddling the Kaku Wahoo 12.5 like a champ and did a pretty good job of keeping up on the short paddle out. At our first stop, it didn’t take long for the small mangrove snappers to start hitting our bait. I will admit firsthand that there is always a bit of competition on the water and Felicia is about as competitive as they come in my experience. So to say that she got a little fired up to get on the board after I’d already caught a few mangrove snappers is an understatement. Of course, I probably didn’t help much by making sure she saw each fish, and counting out loud the score after each fish.

With a little added instruction and tips, Felicia landed her first fish from the kayak with a small mangrove snapper. They say the first one is always the toughest to get out of the way, and once you get the first one, it always gets easier. This couldn’t be much more true after she landed her first fish. She landed a couple more mangrove snappers, then snagged a nice black drum in another spot. We finished the day off with a nice little redfish, and a couple more mangrove snappers all the while chatting about fishing, baseball, and the upcoming Little League season. It was truly a great day on the water with a close friend talking baseball and sharing my passion for kayak fishing.

Don’t worry, I won’t put in the story the massive tree that jumped out and snagged your line on that last cast, honey.

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