Bait Up: New Livewell For Anglers on the Go!

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If you’re a live bait angler, keeping bait in a kayak can be cumbersome. Simply put, we just don’t have a ton of room to carry an aerated cooler or device. Many of us have come up with DIY live bait containers, but they produce a ton of drag when moving around. Bait Up is a new device which helps keep your live bait alive and kicking for that next trophy catch!

Bait Up Jars Revolutionize Live Bait Fishing

Stale water, cumbersome containers and lost bait are deal breakers for anglers who prefer to use live bait. Fortunately, these dilemmas don’t stand a chance against the groundbreaking design of Bait Up floating basket technology.

Bait Up

Simply put, there’s nothing on the market like Bait Up. Instead of fishing around inside the jar, bait is easily retrieved with an innovative floating basket design. For a water change, unscrew from one end and dip into a water source. Retrieving bait is just as easy; flip the jar to unscrew the other end and the interior basket will rise, bringing the bait straight to the top. The dual-lid is only one of the many features that make Bait Up jars the obvious go-to for anglers, including:

  • Crystal clear bait chamber to easily view bait type, quantity and water clarity at a glance.
  • Change low oxygen water with a simple dipping motion.
  • Keep live bait healthy and alive longer.
  • Tough, durable plastic construction.
  • Perfect for use with minnows, sand fleas, leeches, and havermites.
  • Shoulder strap for convenient carrying.

The Bait Up jar was designed with one endgame in mind: to make fishing with live bait better. And it’s done it. With a plethora of specialized features, Bait Up is sure to see versatile application. According to the official site, they’re perfect for:

  • Wading and walking – compact lightweight construction.
  • Ice Fishing – no fishing around in freezing water for bait.
  • Kayak and canoe fishing – easily retrieve bait in rough waters.


While a Bait Up jar will definitely make a great present for angler dads with Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect gift for any angler all year round. You can find more information about the Bait Up live bait jar at


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