August: Heated Return to Kayak Fishing

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August is typically not my favorite time during the year to fish from my kayak. Truth be told, the month of August can be no less than brutal here in Northeast Florida. With temps hovering in the upper 90’s, and heat indexes over 100 degrees, it’s simple to understand why.

August Yak Trips

That being said, I’d gone entirely too long without seeing my kayak. As a matter of fact, she sat up in the garage collecting dust for well over a month. At one point I was actually served with divorce papers from the old girl! Unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way of getting to spend every waking hour on the water in my yak. With ICAST fully behind me, I was able to come up for air, and August heat or not, I was going to spend time in my kayak on the water, chasing fish!

August 15th


This day was actually my birthday, and I always make it a point to take the day to hit the water. I’d planned on meeting an old friend out on the water who I’d not fished with for a couple of years. We were fishing a spot that I hadn’t fished in years myself, and I was excited about relearning a great area. I had to take the kids to school first, so I dropped them off with my Old Town Predator MX in the back of my truck grinning from ear to ear as though I had a big billboard letting everyone know that I WAS GOING FISHING! I got to the ramp, unloaded and we pushed off in search of fish. Now, let me preface this by saying that I’d been ecstatic at catching a few trash fish at this point in time. We hit the water, and before long I had a decent little trout to the yak. By this time the tide and really started pouring out and the bite seemed to pick up. A little bit later my rod doubled over, and I fought and landed a perfect 26.75″ redfish. FINALLY! My first redfish in about a month and a half! A few minutes later I landed my second redfish of the day, this one measuring 20.5″. The tide had pretty much run out at that point and we had to high-tail it out of there for fear of being “stuck in the mud” for the next several hours.

August 19th


With the kayak fishing bug fully restored, I headed out for a little solo trip to test my luck again. I wasn’t entirely too keen on the tides that day, but I was going to hit the water regardless! I figured I’d hit the same area where I’d recently experience some good fortune, and see if I could stir up a few more fish. I caught a trout fairly quickly, then it just slowed way way down. It started looking as though I was going to spend the rest of the day not being able to give away bait. Just when I was about to call it a day in that hot August heat, I felt the familiar tug of a flounder bite on my line. I set the hook, and reeled in a pretty little 14″ flounder. I gave it a little longer, and had one last shrimp left in my Engel 13QT livewell cooler. I decided to toss it out and give the ole college try one last time before heading back to the ramp. Sitting there, sweating like crazy, I had just started to simply pick it up and reel it in when something slammed my rod and doubled it over. I grabbed the rod and quickly started fighting the fish, and almost immediately thought it was a stud redfish. After about a 10 minute fight and several runs, I finally got the fish yak side, and realized I’d just landed a quality bonnet head shark. Out of bait, and smoked from the August heat, I decided to call it a day.

August 21st


This quick afternoon trip pretty much rose from a lazy Sunday kind of day. We’d pretty much lazed around the house all morning and early afternoon, and I was bored out of my mind. Around 3:30pm I decided to grab my Predator MX, load it up in the truck and hit the water! I’d decided I was going to hit an area I had been fishing a lot lately and with great success. I pushed off and before I knew it, my first 4 casts had netted 3 small redfish and a small flounder. I was stoked and knew I was in for a great day! I hit another spot and landed another small redfish, then pushed off to another area. It was long before I finally got a couple of quality fish, a 19″ redfish and a 24.5″ redfish. I started pushing back to my initial spot and landed another small redfish. The hot August sun was starting to fade, so I decided to call it a day, happy with the haul for the day.

August 23rd


I was stoked for this day for sure! I was meeting a friend out on the water, and we were expecting a great flood tide. I loaded up my Predator MX and my fishing gear, and headed to the bait shop to grab some mud minnows. It was one of those days where there everything was simply chilled out. I grabbed some bait, chatted with a buddy and set off for the launch. We were meeting at 11am, and the flood tide wasn’t until almost 2pm. Like I said, it was chill mode in my mind. Of course, I beat my buddy to the ramp, and started chatting with an old timer who had just came back in. Now, there’s a ton of valuable information to be gained when speaking with an old timer at the boat ramp. Unfortunately, this old timer loved to chat. Now while the conversation was lively and fun, it was about noon by the time we got away and onto the water. My chilled out mode quickly turned to a dang we’ve lolly-gagged around too much mode! We started heading off for the flooded flats in search of tailing redfish. I’d even brought my Okuma Helios fly rod set up. Let me preface this by saying that I am definitely stricken with the fly fishing bug. I am enamored with the idea of catching fish on a fly rod. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a tailing red to be seen, so we pushed back to get on some fish. We staked out on a bend and before we knew it, we were on a pretty decent trout bite. I had 5 trout yak side and my buddy had about that many as well. As luck would have it, that pretty much was about all the luck we’d have fishing that day. While the bite wasn’t of epic proportions, I still had a blast enjoying the beautiful summer August day with a great friend, enjoying some quality time on the water.

It was great getting an opportunity to revive the passion of kayak fishing after such a long hiatus from being out on the water. I’m already gearing up for the next time out on the water.

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