Attack: Fishing Shoe from HUK Gear

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It was over the summer that we were introduced to the Attack, the latest from HUK Gear and their introduction into the fishing shoe and footwear market. You’d have been hard pressed to find many who weren’t excited about the upcoming footwear debut of HUK’s new Attack shoe. Myself included into the large crowd who were checking them out at the ICAST show over the summer. The look fell right into what we’ve come to expect with HUK Gear, and that’s great looking and edgy fishing gear.


To say that I was excited to get the opportunity to test out the new Attack from HUK Gear would be the understatement of the decade. As a kayak angler, footwear is important, and many of you can attest to the fact that it’s oftentimes tough finding footwear that can handle the rigors of kayak fishing. Personally, I have several items on my checklist when it comes to footwear. I want the shoe to have a good sole, able to handle the sand, mud, muck, and oyster mounds we constantly encounter in Northeast Florida. The shoes must have great drainage on them. Let’s face it, we’re in and out of our kayaks when on the water, especially with launching and returning from a long day of fishing. Sometimes I simply wanna hang my feet over the side of the yak to feel the coolness of the water on a hot summer day. Having the ability to drain properly and easily is of the utmost importance to me personally simply because I just don’t want a wading pool in my yak while I’m out fishing. The shoe also has to be comfortable. I’m sitting and paddling, standing up and poling around, and often simply standing in my yak making casts. I want a shoe that provides all day comfort. Lastly, they simply gotta look good. I want something stylish. If you look good, then you feel good, and there’s nothing better than a great attitude when out on the water to make your day that much more enjoyable.

The Attack from HUK Gear pretty much hits the nail on the head in every category that I want checked off. The Attack drains extremely well after multiple tests in and out of the water. The design is great, and the Attack shoe looks amazing. The Attack is available in 3 colors: Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Raid, and the Kryptek Neptune. All three designs and color schemes look great and work great for on the water or casually out on the town. The soles handled all the conditions that I put it through; stepping in the muck, walking on sandy bottom, and walking across oyster mounds with no issues at all. Comfort is the only knock that I can put on the Attack from HUK Gear, and it was a small knock at that. The shoe itself is extremely comfortable, but the heel area needs a little more padding. After every trip I had a little rubbing on the Achilles area of my legs after each wearing. This should be a simple fix for the folks at HUK and they’re already aware and working to correct that small defect. I still wear mine out now, just with a small Band-Aid.

If you’re looking for a good pair of shoes to wear out on the water when you’re kayak fishing, then check out the Attack from HUK Gear. They’re reasonably priced at only $84.99. For more information about the great line of apparel from HUK gear and to check out all of their footwear, visit their website at

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