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The ATAK 120 from Wilderness Systems is the little brother of the highly popular ATAK 140 which was debuted a couple of years ago. The 120 gives anglers the same capabilities as the 140 without the extra length.I remember when the ATAK 140 was debuted at the ICAST show a few years back in 2015, and while I liked it, I’ve gotten to where I’m particular to yaks in the 12′ range. I remember telling the guys at their booth that they should bring out a 12′ version of the ATAK because that would be awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the ATAK 140, but it was a beast off the water to move around, etc. The ATAK 120 gives me all the features that I loved about the 140, yet without the added length.

The seat is part of what makes the ATAK 120 so enjoyable. I’ll say it once again, Wilderness Systems simply has the best kayak seat on the market in my humble opinion. You can fish sitting in this seat all day long and not be sore at all or uncomfortable in any way. The seat has 3 different settings: high, low, or reclined. Personally, I prefer to leave the seat in the high position all the time as it makes it easier getting up and down to stand and fish. Another great feature is the seat is on a track system, so it’s easily adjusted regardless of the height of the angler. There’s also enough track to adjust the seat, but also install accessories.

The deck of the 120 is open enough to give you plenty of room to move around and cast from. There is a drink holder, but it’s positioned so that it’s not in the way, yet easily reachable when fishing. As part of the drink holder, there are also slots for pliers, bait knife, etc., which keeps essential tools within easy reach. The FlexPod gives you so many options of adding a Fishfinder or other accessories like camera mounts, etc. It can also be used as a mini storage area for essential gear like phone, wallet, etc.

ATAK 120

The tankwell of the ATAK 120 is huge. Plenty of room to bring a cooler, kayak krate, or any other organization type system to carry your gear. At the end of the tankwell is a small hatch which gives you inside access to the hull to help with installing anchor trolleys, wiring, etc.  There are also small mini tracks located aft of the yak to install track mounted light poles, camera mounts, etc.

Stability on the ATAK 120 is above par in my opinion. I can easily stand all day casting, fishing, and poling my favorite flat without one ounce of worry in this kayak. The deck on the 120 also comes with traction pads which help slipping but also give a little added cushion when out on the water and standing. I prefer to stand and fish out of a kayak 90% of the time and the ATAK 120 suits my needs perfectly in this regard.

The ATAK 120 paddles very well and is an extremely comfortable ride. My only issue is the kayak doesn’t cut through chop all that well. Instead of slicing through the chop, it almost feels as though you’re slamming into the chop. This can add extra stress on your shoulders in big open water, but I believe the ATAK 120 is better suited for small creeks, lakes, saltwater flats anyway. Overall, I have been pleasantly pleased with the capabilities and rigging ability of the Wilderness Systems ATAK 120. I’m already planning a few more trips to my favorite backwater creeks and flats to play in it some more.

ATAK 120

  • Length: 12’3″
  • Width: 35″
  • Deck Height: 16″
  • Weight: 86lbs
  • Capacity: 400lbs
  • MSRP: $1649
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