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Whether it be on the beach by the surf, visiting “Troutville” and “Flounderville” with my dad out on the boat, or going out with my family for a day of kayak fishing, being around the water is a huge part of my life. Since it is such a big part of my life, a big part of my wardrobe is apparel made for the lady angler.

10 years ago, it was almost impossible to find clothes and accessories that were made for the lady angler; you had to shop in the men’s section for the performance, Dri-fit, quick dry apparel that you needed for a day on the water. No matter how hard you tried, it never looked flattering and never quite fit right. Companies began coming out with Lady Angler options a few years ago, but why did everything have to be pink and purple with flowers all over it? Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with pink and flowers- but a little variety would have been nice. Also, it never seemed to be as good of quality as the men’s apparel. Don’t these companies know that women like to shop and if the quality is there, we are willing to pay a little more for things? A shirt marked “performance” with a $20 MSRP is not the performance I am looking for. A quality performance shirt at a minimum will be around $40 and I have seen them get up to the $120 range (which is well worth it for what you are getting).


Finally, with the increase of women competing and being successful in what has always been a male dominated sport, there are so many companies finally accommodating the ladies. Columbia, Simms, Salt Life, Bimini Bay Outfitters, Orvis, Mojo Sportswear, Patagonia (to name a few) now have tons of apparel and accessory options available and made for women. Not just clothes, we now have hats, shoes and sunglasses available everywhere. I cant remember being able to find a pair of women’s polarized sunglasses a few years ago, now we have Costa, Smith Optics, Kaenon, Salt Life Optics, Hobie– all with great looking selections for women.

My favorites at this time are:

COLUMBIA- Women’s PFG Bahama Short Sleeve Shirt (available in plus sizes!) (MSRP $40-$45)

Lady Angler
BIMINI BAY OUTFITTERS- Hampton Bay 3 in 1 Zip-Off Pant (MSRP $52)

Lady Angler
SMITH OPTICS- Heydey Lifestyle Sunglasses in Root Beer Fade (MSRP $119)

Lady Angler
COLUMBIA- Women’s Megavent Quick Dry Shoe (MSRP $95)

Lady Angler

Please share your favorite products with us!! We would love too hear from you. Please be on the lookout as well for some great new products for the lady angler we will be introducing you to after ICAST next week!

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