Air Pro Max seat

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The Air Pro Max is the newest seat from Confluence Outdoors for the Ride series of kayaks.  We spent some time in the Air Pro Max on our Wilderness Systems Ride 115X kayak, and were amazed at the quality and comfort of this new kayak seat.


Air Pro Max seat


The new Phase 3 AirPro MAX high/low seating system is poised to give kayak anglers the competitive advantage they need to sight fish from the seat of their Ride. The AirPro MAX preserves the popular innovations found in most Phase 3 seats – adjustability, comfort features and high-quality materials – yet it is a true advancement in design. Fully functional in existing Ride models with great ease of installation, the patent-pending seat has a full forward/aft trim range and a three phase High, Low and Recline positioning achievable without any clipping or loosening of straps. Standing room remains ample and the seat back can be folded and sat upon for even more height on the water. The aluminum tube frame construction is highly durable with an all-weather, breathable textile that affords both comfort and functionality with opportunities for additional staging and storage.

Our initial impressions of the Air Pro Max were simply: “wow”.  Aesthetically, this seat looks amazing and you know from the first glance that it’s going to be comfortable. Installation was pretty simple, and the Air Pro Max slides right into the Ride series of kayaks. The three seating positions gives an angler multiple choices from which to sit.


rigged and ready for testing

On a recent kayak fishing trip, I wanted to test the Air Pro Max and put it through the motions of an all day paddling and fishing trip.  I started off with the seat in the low position.  Immediately I noticed a difference from the other hi/lo seats I have in my other kayaks. Even sitting in the low position, I was sitting what felt like in a high seat position.  I felt extremely comfortable paddling in the low position and noticed an already greater sight advantage. I fished the better part of the day in the low position and could not get over how comfortable I felt sitting in the seat all day.  Even standing up from the low position was relatively easy.

For the last half of my day trip, I switched the seat into the high position.  Changing from low to high or vice versa was pretty easy, and I had it accomplished in a matter of seconds.  In the low position, you already feel like you’re sitting pretty high, but in the high position, you’re blown away by the height.  Talk about taking sight advantage to a whole new level! Standing was a complete breeze, as you honestly don’t have very much farther to go when sitting in the high position.  Sitting that high, I was a little nervous about tipping over being so high.  It does change your center of balance a little, but not to the point where you’ll easily flip over. Paddling was still quite easy in the high position, but I do recommend a longer paddle to compensate for being higher up on the kayak.


first redfish in my Air Pro Max


I spent roughly 10 hours in the Air Pro Max on that trip alone, and the return to the kayak launch, I felt no discomfort at all.  The seat fabric allows you to breath on those warm days, so you’re not soaked with sweat from the seat.  The Air Pro Max provided complete all day comfort on my bottom and plenty of support on my lower back.

The price of the kayak seat sits at $349, and while that may seem steep to some, I simply say, it’s definitely worth it!  One of the most important features on a kayak, in my opinion, is the seat. If you’re not sitting comfortably then your fishing trip will be over before it even gets a start.  Having a comfortable seat is imperative to spending hours on the water, and the Air Pro Max definitely fits that bill.

I highly recommend the Air Pro Max seat from Wilderness Systems for your Ride series kayaks!  My only problem is that my wife loves it as much as I do, and has taken over ownership without my consent. By the way, I did test the reclining position as well.  My only issue is that I was so comfortable kicked back that all I wanted was an ice cold beverage and a nap.


Air Pro Max seat


Air Pro Max specs

  • Phase 3 AirPro Max seat offer 3 different seating postions: high, low, and recline
  • Increased seat height improves ability to chance from sitting to standing and back
  • Breathable mesh fabric stays cool, dries quickly, and is UV resistant
  • Easy to adjust seat positions without having to unclip or loosen straps
  • Fits the Ride 115, 115X, and 135 models
  • MSRP: $349

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2 Responses to Air Pro Max seat

  1. Heidi says:

    Could this be attached to an inflatable SUP?

    • Tony Hart says:

      Heidi, we’re not sure that it can’t be done with a little elbow grease and ingenuity. That being said, I’m not 100% sure it would be a good fit for an inflatable SUP. If you’re looking for a great SUP with an amazing seat, we suggest checking out the Voodoo from Kaku Kayaks.

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