Adventure Technology Oracle paddle

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The Oracle paddle from Adventure Technology is the latest angler paddle to hit the market. Adventurewear Technology has always made high quality paddles, but we wanted to test the versatility of the new Oracle paddle designed specifically for kayak anglers.At first glance, the Oracle paddle is a sweet looking paddle. The blades are wide so you know you’re going to move extremely well with each paddle stroke. The digital camo in the blues and greens on the blades simply look amazing, and I’ve always been a fan of the Advanced Technology logo of the fish with the triangle. There’s a hook slot on one blade to help you get hooks that have been snagged on oyster beds or branches loose, and there’s a 36″ measuring tape on the shaft. That measuring tape comes in handy for those days that you forget your measuring board in the garage.


Advanced Technology Oracle paddle

The paddle feels extremely light in your hands, much lighter than the actual 32.5oz.  It feels lighter, and fits extremely well.  It also features an adjustable length feature on the paddle.  My paddle length was 240cm, but with the simple flip of a lock, I can extend the paddle to 250cm for when I’m sitting in the high position of my seat or standing and poling the flats.  That extra little bit makes it a heckuva lot easier on the angler for various situations. The price is $275 for the paddle, but I’ve always been a proponent of “you get what you pay for”.  Having a high quality, lightweight paddle such as the Oracle paddle will definitely make a difference on your next kayak fishing trip.


Advanced Technology Oracle paddle blade


The one feature that really blew me away is the size of the blades.  They’re huge!  Why is that a good thing? When I’m paddling, the larger blade means it “grabs” more water, thus propelling me further and faster.  The lightness of the paddle adds to moving faster with less stress on your shoulders, arms, and back.  The blades are extremely durable as well as they’re made of fiberglass with Duraweave, and the tip is reinforced.  I often use my paddle to push off from docks and oyster mounds, and the Oracle paddle has handled it extremely well.



Advanced Technology Oracle paddle


Adventure Technology Oracle paddle

  • Weight: 32.5oz
  • Lengths: 220, 230, 240, 250, 260
  • Shaft: Carbon Blend
  • Ferrule: Unlimited Feathering; 10 cm Adjustable Length
  • Blade:Fiberglass with Duraweave™ Reinforced Tip; 610 cm sq.
  • MSRP: 275


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