Abrazx Leader Material for Musky & Pike

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Seaguar’s new technique specific leader material, Abrazx, for Pike & Musky not only helps protect these trophy fish, but is also sturdy enough to take a beating.




The ignorant catch & kill mentality of the mid 1900s had a devastating effect on the musky and pike fisheries throughout the country. Extreme stories of anglers shooting a musky with a .22 before boating weren’t unusual. Thankfully, new generations of conservation-minded anglers have embraced a catch & release approach with new techniques that place fish handling and safe release as the real trophy when fishing big musky and pike.

Pete Maina, North America’s leading musky & pike authority, has spent a lifetime teaching approaches to target, catch and safely release the king of freshwater predators. “Everything we do today puts emphasis on the best possible handling practices to minimize any negative effects on released fish,” says Maina. “Sometimes it’s the little things like leaders that can have a big impact. We’re shifting our approach from using only wire leaders to tying on fluorocarbon leader material because there is less damage done to the fish.”


Pete’s conservation efforts help propel the launch of Seaguar’s new technique-specific AbrazX Musky & Pike Fluorocarbon leader material. Built to target toothy fish, this leader material is highly abrasion resistant and features thin line diameters with incredible knot & tensile strength. Made from 100% Seaguar fluorocarbon resins, it’s extremely soft with low memory and is virtually invisible underwater. Maina commented, “In battle, big fish often roll; wire leader can cut, remove scales and scratch eyes. AbrazX is a more giving material. It’s strong enough to give me the confidence that I won’t cut off, yet soft enough to handle well and inflict less damage.”

Shipping to retail stores in the fall of 2016, AbrazX Musky & Pike Leader Material is packaged in 25 yard coils in a zippered, reusable bag. It is available in 80 lb., 90 lb., 100 lb. and 130 lb. test sizes.

This new fluorocarbon leader follows the successful introduction of Seaguar STS, the first species-specific fluorocarbon leader material targeting Salmon, trout and Steelhead.

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