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Each year, millions around the world  start the new year off with resolutions. These resolutions are a way to improve ourselves or our lot in life, perhaps it’s to set goals for ourselves that we wish to follow through on to make our lives better. Kayak anglers are no different in this regard. At the beginning of 2017, the staff at Yak Outlaws sat down and put down out personal resolutions for the year. Take a look and see how we did and see what our resolutions are for the 2018 year.

Resolutions 2018 and 2017 Follow-up

2017 was a very hectic year with lots of ups and downs for me personally but I will not bore you with the details. So my picks for 2017 were to focus more on photography and make some equipment upgrades we can check both of those off. Help my wife Jodi catch her first snook, done and then some! See the Chaz part 1 and 2 for the full story.


Getting to be productive on our new waters of Florida’s Nature Coast? A look back through my Face Book fishing reports on Irish Seaduction Fishing and I think we have that covered. In that process I caught my personal best fish ever out of a kayak a 42” 55-60 lb Black Drum.

Swap out the ATAK 140 for a Tarpon 160 and detail it’s transformation into a flats hunting machine, covered and complete!

Things that didn’t happen are as follows: No tarpon caught out of the yak yet, we didn’t make it to Navarre for the red snapper season, and Dak and the Boys didn’t make it to the Super Bowl (not going this year either). Not bad at 66% if I do say so myself and I just did.

For 2018 we will carry over the tarpon in a yak, and Navarre for the snapper season. The snapper season Navarre trip may not happen if we get the chance to return to Tortuga this year as they are at the same time. Now we come to new resolutions for 2018 HHHHHHMMMMM….. here goes! Jodi and I are doing a Schoolie conversion which is converting a school bus into an RV. We really want to get that done so we can take our stories on the road.

I want to take my writing to the next level IE a full time writer. Now that that is in print it really sinks in where that could go, hopefully all of you will follow along in this endeavor. We (Jodi and I) will be focusing on getting video content for both the bus project and our fishing adventures up and running. I believe that those are more then enough to work on for 2018. SOOOOO until next time keep them tight, have a great year, and CYA!!!!!

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